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Mylar Solar Blankets

So I made a review of solar blankets and gave 1/2 star. 

That rating was due to the average person that opens it up and goes to use it in an emergency situation only to freeze their butt off.

The false security of owning such a product without knowledge of its limitations and how it is to be used , can be a life threatening situation buyers are putting themselves in to .. So right out of the box  1/2 Star

But I also said I give it 5 stars at end of review and to read this tricks n tips section

So let me start by talking about wind chill . You see all the time the weather person say something like its 40 degrees outside but with the wind chill it is gonna feel like 32 degrees.  Wind chill does not make a tree colder or rock colder then the temperature outside regardless of wind. But wind chill can make a car engine cooler faster as the wind pulls the heated air away from it.

Just like car engines, human beings can lose heat faster from the wind chill cooling our core temperature faster.  The solar blanket reflects your body heat back to you. But the main problem is by the time you use the solar blanket it is because u waited too long and are cold or freezing to begin with.  So you wrap it around yourself and  A) it acts like a windshield and B) it reflects heat back to you,   but  your core temperature is now colder then normal,  wind is slipping thru the cracks and sides  so you are losing body heat there too, and  you are only getting  80-90 % reflection of body heat / Add  it all together you are just  slowly losing body heat and its only a mater of time until you know what...

Here is why i give it 5 stars

If you are completely aware that this by itself does practically nothing on its own but in conjunction with other heat sources can keep you not only alive but really  warm with little effort or btu's then you will see this as something used in constructing your survival needs.

Lets say that your core temperature is 95 degrees so you are now hypothermic. The solar blanket reflects lets say for math purposes 90 % so ~ 85 degrees reflected back  you are also getting cooled by any wind that is coming in too form the sides. So right now things are going to get worse not better for you.  But now  knowing that this isn't the save all but part of the solution you take out  2 foot warmers from your bag that u had with this solar blanket for just this purpose. 

The addition of the foot warmers inside the thermal blanket is transforming this reflecting blanket into a heated reflecting blanket and 90 % of the heat that the foot warmers are giving off is being constantly reflected back to you. It is like a hand made small version of a mini sauna surrounding you.

Now lets think bigger

you're in freezing weather and its windy.   you have a couple of mylar solar blankets  and a wide clear tarp or a  $ dollar store see thru shower curtain. You open one of the mylar solar blankets and place it on the bed of grass and leaves u set down on the ground so you're not directly on the ground having it suck the warmth out of you. With the other solar blanket you make a back wall and roof from the blanket for the heat to reflect back to you and above your head. Last you place the clear tarp or $ shower curtain  for the front wall in between the fire you made and the back mylar wall. so you now have a back wall and 1 side  wall and floor made from mylar and having the heat from the fire penetrating's thru the clear plastic and that heat is getting  stuck within this structure that u have.  

heat some non porous rocks  and before you goto bed bring them into your make shift structure use some branches and leaves to shorten the gap of the open wall so only enough air comes in to circulate .

I have had this setup in freezing weather heat up the area i think to over 75 degrees tho it felt even warmer then that'


in Hunter mountain i used these mylar blankets in our families log cabin in the end of December while it was snowing and very cold.  Unlike previous years  of spending a good chunk of the day trying to warm the place up. I placed mylar solar blankets over every window in the cabin. The windows were single pane and a major part of heat escaping from the cabin.  i then taped several mylar blankets together  side by side and on top and then shortened the ceiling height with the blankets.

 So in short  i insulated the windows and  reduced the ceiling height of the cabin that i was heating up by half and not only ended up being warmer then the past 30 years of going there but using a small fraction of the wood i usually use to heat up the cabin and i was able to reduce the air intake so that the wood burned longer rather then hotter i got the solar blankets for a dollar  each that time spending less then $15 for one of the warmest weeks at the cabin during freezing outdoor weather and used less wood to heat up the place then ever in my years  going their  just from using these solar blankets and the best part when i was all done and heading out  i was able to salvage all but 1 of the mylar blankets





May 25, 2022
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