Sub-zero snow camping

11:15 p.m. on January 14, 2013 (EST)
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My old Zip-o-gauge said -4F Sunday AM at 7 but my nose hairs said no.   Here I was a few miles from home again, solo snow camping.  Using my Radius 43 and MSR GK stoves.  The TS stickers don't seem to want to get plastered on classics.


My Black Diamond Hilight.



9:54 a.m. on January 16, 2013 (EST)
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Great shots! I"m getting chilly just admiring them!

10:19 p.m. on January 16, 2013 (EST)
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Thanks Seth.  Supposed to go to Lake Tahoe/Mt Tallac/Gilmore Lake maybe mid Feb.  Maybe I can get a shot with that great cap I got thru here.:)  I have so many old stoves, I'm forced to go out all the time now to use them.


June 25, 2018
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