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Havasu Canyon & Beaver Falls, AZ - April 2014


WATER! (but not a drop to drink because we left our SteriPen at camp--not the best decision we ever made, but, hey, we lived. Our adventure was cut short, but a lesson learned the hard way always sticks better, anyway.

Cool pic Jodi.  I was just in Havasu canyon last weekend with my 11 year old son.  We had a blast.  I have been down to Beaver Falls a couple times, but we didn't make it down to Beaver Falls this last trip.  I wasn't comfortable taking my son down Mooney Falls.  I wouldn't drink that water directly out of Havasu creek/river either but there are a couple springs that feed into the river I would feel comfortable drinking without treatment.  

Yeah, Beaver Falls Creek would have been your best bet, Havasu Creek has to many minerals in it and even with gatorade in it tastes awful. Same with the Little Colorado, too much Travertine minerals in them, thats why they are blue. The main Colorado River is good to drink and I have drank it unfiltered all the way from the mouth of the LC to Havasu.

You are brave Gary.  I wouldn't drink the Colorado river water unfiltered even if you paid me to.  When I kayaked the Colorado a couple weeks ago the guide was telling everyone to urinate directly into the water rather than on land.  He said this keeps the canyon from smelling like urine.  That water also comes from Lake Mead which is far from clean water, IMO.  I did drink it filtered and it was fine.  

I wish the park service would figure out a way to put a drainage system in the trails that the mules go up and down. Cause every place they urinate on the trail becomes a giant puddle or hard to breathe ammonia as it evaporates. I have suggested it to them many times. I hate hiking the BA trail because of the smell of both horses and mules and their urine.

Thanks for sharing this lovely picture Jodi!

For someone who isn't used to hot weather and (very light) climbing, the trip to Beaver Falls was an awesome experience. Maybe I haven't been hiking in the right places, but it was the first time I've been on a trail that actually takes you through knee-high water. At some points it was a little difficult to navigate (i.e., find the trail) without the help of our peers on the trail. I think the reason we didn't bring along our purifier is that the round trip from the campground wasn't "supposed" to be that far. Well, when you stop to take pictures and appreciate the beauty, it is a full-day adventure!

I know what you mean Jodi.  That trip to Beaver falls is deceiving.  It takes much longer than you think.  If you can manage to stay on the main trail it goes faster and there is only about 2 or 3 water crossings but I think it is just as fun to work your way down the water.  

October 30, 2020
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