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Remember the big G, little O, Cheerios commercials?  Well, here is my MSR model G (one of them) and a Optimus kerosene model 00 (one of them). :)  Along the PCT, north of Sierra City, CA last weekend.  The G heated the water for pasta and the 00 simmered it.  A few of my over 100 stoves now. Ouch!  Took the TS cap along, hard to do a selfie with the logo showing, my new ZPacks Solplex, second night in it.






Hey, Duane - always wanted to know how those cuben tents hold up for folks who aren't using one to thru-hike. Also noticed ya sprung for the carbon fiber poles. How're ya liking it so far? Started using their stuff sacks, zip pouches, and a pillow dry bag. Quality stuff and they've been nothing but friendly - even getting things shipped out in time to be packed along on weekend trips!

Eric, the bathtub floor is pretty slender, I have to line the edges with my clothes, etc., although my shoes and pants are part of my pillow.  You do have good room outside under the doors for a pack or muddy boots.  The one side is rolled back and tied.  We'll see how long the cuben lasts for waterproofness, I try to avoid folding it, just roll as much as I can.  Two packs also from ZPacks, this trip I used my new large Zero, could have gone with even a smaller capacity one, but I'd only shave half an oz. or whatever, it has space for a fall, weekend trip I think.


Nice shots! Thanks for sharing them, Duane.

Thank you, home puter was running real slow this weekend, had to wait until I left town.  Up in the Bucks Lake Wilderness over the weekend with some out of town friends.  Saw 5 thru hikers, not on the UL side judging by their packs.  Water at Clear Crk Springs and the campsite along the trail just to the north of the springs.


October 30, 2020
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