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Trailspace does Guyot in the snow

Morning coffee before heading up Bondcliff. That insulated mug kept my coffee warm while I packed up camp despite the fact that it was cold enough for the water to crystallize when I used the cup to measure before boiling. It was nice to be able to sip my coffee rather than chug it fast before it got cold.

Relaxing on the front porch of the Guyot Shelter the TS ibex Meru was a nice addition to my fuzzy camp clothes collection.

TR on the full four day trip to follow once I finish writing an over due gear review ;)

One of my favorite areas. can't wait to read the report!

I used that same coffee combo in Hetch Hetchy/Yosemite a few weeks ago, and it worked great. That mug is lighter than it looks, but insulates really well.

What measurement of coffee did you both come up with for the java drip? Would love an idea..

I grind up a small batch of beans and portion it out into sandwich zips randomly with an eye for having too much. I just weighed a few bags left over from my last trip and they run between 10g and 15g including the bag. You could go with 5g and still get something that would work I'd imagine, especially if you are able and willing to do a slower drip by pouring the water a little at a time. I prefer to just dump the water faster, especially in cold weather where slow drip means cold coffee. I also want coffee in my coffee which is why I err on the side of bringing too much.

If you are really counting grams then make sure to take some time to let the grounds dry out before packing them in your garbage. On a longer trip those gram/miles will really add up if you trade dry grounds for heavy, wet grounds every morning :p

Nice! Thanks for sharing this, LoneStranger.

November 24, 2020
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