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Where is TS/Big Red now?


Costa Rica?

Looks like Costa Rica to me.

Bingo. I pulled off a one-day (only because my wife and I couldn't get overnight reservations at the hut), 39.2 km, 2500 m ascent/descent of Cerro Chirripo. It's just a long hike, with a little scrambling over the last 100m to the top, but a beautiful one, ascending from tropical moist forest at 1500m through oak-bamboo cloud forest to subalpine shrub and alpine-esque "bamboo paramo". A TR on this and other adventures from our 2-week trip may be forthcoming. Meanwhile, here are some local boys on the summit:

Sounds like fun, BigRed!

We'll look forward to the full trip report.

January 19, 2021
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