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TS on a Scottish Munro

A quick post of my oldest son and I on the top of Spidean Coire nan Clach - one of the peaks of Beinn Eighe in the Scottish highlands.  TS beanie keeping me warm.
2019_0601_08463300.jpgSince we were in white-out conditions and high winds, I guess we should show you the views on the way up...

Nice! Looks like a beautiful father-son hike.

Thanks for sharing, Phil. I hope you had/are having a wonderful trip.

Now that is cool.

awsome you can take a trip like that with your son. 

Thanks. This was a part of a two week family trip to the homeland after my sons graduation. Only day hikes between time in Glasgow and Edinburgh when the weather cooperated. Back home now and planning to get under pack again and catching up on my trail time for the year! 

I'm glad to hear you're able to get back out on the trail now, Phil!

That looks fabulous to hike.I am glad your back hiking and making memories....

Yep....finally! Gearing up (pun intended) for my regular monthly trips again! 

Great to see you out stomping around again Phil. Very jealous of what looked like some wonderfully chilly weather :)

Thanks LS.  We flew out of NC in a May heat wave at 90 deg F and landed in Glasgow at exactly half that - quite a transition!

20190623_071556.jpgBack home in the Virginia Highlands last weekend. Not quite the same highlands but nice to be home and wandering a wilderness. A quick shot before the clouds and rain settled back in. 

That's a beautiful picture, Phil! I'm glad to see you out on the trails.

September 27, 2020
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