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TS on the CT




3 days and about 40 miles in. Blister on my toe and gonna freeze tonight, but you know you wish you were here ;)

Looks lovely!

It is colder this week, so I hope you're staying warm and enjoying this cool, clear weather out there.

Very dry up here & I hear it is worse down south. Many water sources are dead. Might call it a trip when I get to Stark on Saturday. Killkenny is not sounding fun.

Plenty warm & well fed though. Enjoying what I can!

Good luck!


20200916_101208-1-.jpgDixville Notch with Table Rock in the distance.

I did call it a trip at Stark due to water concerns. Probably would have lived, but I'd had such a good trip that I didn't want to spoil it by dying :)

Seven days, around 95 miles and a couple of moose encounters. Starting to work my way through 62Gb of video to share on YouTube. I'll post the play list to the Trip Report forum once I get them all up.

I'm sorry you had to cut it short, but understand the water concerns. It is very dry out there!

I hope you enjoyed the trip otherwise.

Other than the moose attack and my failure to get any usable video of the beast, it was nearly a perfect trip. Despite lack of proper conditioning or practice, body and mind worked near flawlessly. No major mistakes and I was getting stronger as I went, though really was due for a day off to rest my heels after a solid week of stomping.

Would have been darn chilly in the Kilkenny last night if I'd stayed. Had to cover the garden down here so another reason I'm glad I stopped or we'd have frozen produce ;)

Moose attack...?

Was on a road walk section headed towards Coleman SP with hill on my left and drop off to my right. Thought I was running camera, but it wasn't turned on and I was just saying it looked like a good spot down there for a moose when giant antlers started moving in the trees.

Darn thing followed me for a long ways breaking off branches down below so I could hear him even when I couldn't see him. Finally thought I'd left him behind when I turned around and he was standing on the road behind me. Big boy was huge! I've tried zooming in on the few frames of video I got of him, but it is garbage.

He was standing there daring me to challenge him so I used body language to make it clear I was leaving his turf and no threat. No eye contact and moving off with my back to him. Never had a moose do anything but run off in fear before. Was very unsettling to have one headed towards me!

That sounds unsettling! I'm glad it was OK for all involved.

October 24, 2020
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