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Trailspace in northern Yosemite

Just finished the Benson-Matterhorn loop out of Twin Lakes, and of course had my trusty Trailspace hat along for the ride:

A1.jpgA couple of miles from the trailhead, in the Hoover Wilderness

At Benson Lake, "the Riviera of the Sierra"
from atop Volunteer Peak
more from Volunteer Peak

Looks like a good trip to pack the sunscreen for :) Did you have smoke issues? It doesn't look bad in these pics at least.

Nice trip.. Man thats a lotta sunshine right there...Hope it was outstanding...Yeah have to echo LS Hows the smoke? 

It was a great trip! Yes, lots of sun exposure, and blue skies most of the way. I used very little sunscreen because I wore my trekking umbrella attached to my pack's shoulder strap virtually the entire way:


Sunscreen mostly on my legs (wore shorts). Got very little color (though I know that isn't the only sign of sun damage). 

Picked a good week, too -- the week before it was nearly 120F in Fresno and Sacramento, so probably in the 90s up at 9k, but highs on my trip were mostly upper 70s to about 80. And the smoke didn't become an issue until the exit day (this past Saturday 7/24), no smoke before that and even Saturday it wasn't bad and I was back to the trailhead before lunch that day anyway.

smoke starting to roll in on Sat 7/24
Barney Lake morning of 7/24


Looks like a fantastic trip, JR!

Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

Did you go solo?

Yes, fantastic and yes, solo.

On past Sierra trips I've spent the first few days with some friends who backpack in Sierra all the freakin' time, and I think that actually hurt me as I was not used to the combination of altitude, much lower humidity, and exertion. So in the past I would have a good but exhausting day 1 then wake up morning of day 2 with AMS.

Going solo allowed me to go at my own pace (which would have driven my friends crazy) and acclimate more slowly so I fared much better for the whole trip.

Looks like a great trip and I'm going to add that loop on my list of trips to do next summer (and I think I'll pick up one of those umbrella's also).

It looks gorgeous!

For anyone interested, here are some photo highlights from the trip:

I am so glad you posted these pics in your forum post.  I have not been to Yosemite for decades and it was some of the greatest memories of my life. I especially vividly remember a fawn walking up to me and eating out of my hand.  I have yet to this day been able to raise a gun at a deer after that experience.


JRinGeorgia said:

For anyone interested, here are some photo highlights from the trip:

 Looks beautiful, JR! Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

I'm guessing you enjoyed that burger and fries at the end too!

After a week on the trail my shoe would have tasted good, but even so I think I can objectively say that was one darn good burger! From The Barn in Bridgeport CA.

Hey everyone, I just posted links to a Trip Report about this trip, you can get started here:

Hope you enjoy it!

September 23, 2021
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