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Patiently Awaiting Winter Hiking...

 Happy Holidays, all! 



Very nice!

I am semi-patiently waiting for snow here in Maine...

We’ve got plenty if you need some ;)

The Sierras about to get many feet of snow. 

Jake W said:

We’ve got plenty if you need some ;)

 Yes, please!

We have plenty of cold temps coming, but the snow that was in the mountains is mostly gone from Monday’s rain. Most of what's left will disappear with Saturday’s rain. Hopefully this winter won’t be like last year!

I've been hiking with my winter pack for a month now - Osprey Atmos AG 50 with tent, sleeping bag & pad, stove, food, etc, all the stuff I’d need to survive an unplanned night out. Since I’m solo 98% of the time I carry that as a minimum every time I’m out, even snowshoeing. A fall or a moose might kill me but I’m not going to freeze to death!

January 16, 2022
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