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Trailspace at the testing grounds


TS Beanies make great sleep hats!

 Was doing some testing last night since we got a nice blast of cold. About 0°f this morning. A night like that makes you appreciate the 2016 Black Rock beanie!

Don't let Winter keep you inside. Add more layers!!

it got pretty darned cold on the trail Tuesday, id guess about 8°F. Didn't take one photo betwixt the temps, humidity, and wind... Change those socks out!!!



 This is the current forecast for my favorite winter spot. I'm thinking I will wait until Wednesday to head up :p

I'll attest that it was COLD here in Maine last week. I believe the news kept describing it as "dangerously cold."

Of course, the temperature and weather has been variable and all over the place since....hence the need for layers.

I'm glad the down beanie kept your noggin warm while out on the trails.

May 16, 2022
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