Ice climbing.

11:16 a.m. on March 24, 2011 (EDT)
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Due to the word limit of the contest, this is a resume of my latest trip report.

“Is ice climbing safe (… “dangerous” is the word he's avoiding…) at this temperature?” asks Zane. Good question, at 7:46AM, under the rain. Montreal is as grey and ugly as it gets. Is ice climbing safe?

“Of course it’s safe Zane! It’s snowing where we’re going”, do I calmly reply. We’re waiting for my friend Simon, who told us he’s got a surprise... As a rule, climbing and “surprises” do not mix well. We’re not climbing yet, but… Hum. When Simon arrives, he’s accompanied by a beautiful, light green-eyed, very cheerful twenty-something girl- friend of his.

“Still hate surprises, Louis?” Zane calls in the background. Jerk. Doesn’t he realize that this is the kind of surprising event that can wake up my sweet love, asleep in the next room, in a sec'? How can’t he forget/ignore that she’s jealous as a female tiger, and has the hearing of the coyote prowling for fresh meat? Even while deeply asleep! My possessive “Hulkette” is better left undisturbed. I’d rather she doesn’t know we’re about to go ice climbing with Miss Brazil 2009. For my best interest - and his - I strongly advise him to shut up, or I might reconsider the full extend of our friendship while I take slack during today’s climb.

I roughly shove everybody out of my 3-room apartment just as the “surprise” starts to tell us of how funny skinny dipping can be… A sport she discovered during her last trip. Who brought that subject up? No-brainers…

The ride goes quickly by and we all find out that Genevieve (Miss Brazil is not her name after all) is not only pretty, but ALSO smart AND sporty, and even that that she’s been approached to play contact football by an American university. She is a nice addition to our group, with her dark, raunchy and direct sense of humor. For sake of a better expression, I’d say she’s a guy in a girl’s body. As we cross Prevost, the rain turns to snow and the temperature drops to a perfect -7 Celsius with no wind. The scenery gets prettier as plains gently roll to become the Laurentian Mountains.

We reach the base of the cliff, after a mere 8-meters approach from the car, during which Genevieve and Simon manage to:

  1. Drop a crampon in 40 centimeters of fresh powder.
  2. Argue whose fault it is.
  3. Throw water bottles at each other.
  4. Lose one of the bottles for good. Nature. They’re sorry.
  5. Shove at each other.
  6. Find the crampon - thanks to Genevieve, who pushed Simon, who fell on the crampon, which punctured his $300.00 brand new ski pants and also, his left rear cheek.
  7. All that, over 8 meters. Wonder…

Everybody struggles at first as they try to master the art of good pick placement and to trust their crampons front points. I always thought that these were trickiest skills to grasp for people who start ice climbing. It is, however, soooo entertaining to watch.

We stop for a bite, sip water and talk a bit. The conversation turns around past and future trips. Genevieve tries to lure me into going to Chile with her for a 4x4 road adventure, intertwined with surf and climbing in the Tierra del Fuego. (I wisely omit this part of the conversation while relating the day’s events to my girlfriend that night…) We also talk about what can lead a person to go ice climbing, at which point one of my friends says: “Is it because you like to spend money and feel pain?” First time I hear this one… Could that make some sense?

They go back to work as I make my way to the top and set up a new anchor, from which I can take pictures. Being at a distance from Zane, Simon, and Genevieve, I can observe them better. I can see so much more than their plain climbing moves. I notice the brother/sister friendship of Simon and Genevieve as they resume the push and shove match they began after they got out of the car. My friend and colleague Zane’s demeanor, so calm, in control, as he calculates everything and basks in the moment. The peaceful scenery of the trees covered with snow, dampening every noise. The feeling that, I’ve reached the place I feel best. As Zane reaches the ledge where I belayed him up he admires and addresses directly to the sky: “I love this” and turns to me: “Thanks!”

Giving back. Giving back. A big part of what the outdoors mean to me. When I get them, I'll add the pictures.

2:41 p.m. on March 28, 2011 (EDT)
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The full story is a great read, thanks for sharing! Your description of Zane and Genevieve, and their antics, are fantastic. There is an atractive, single, perky, adventurous girl who sometimes joins group outings with my circle of outdoor friends. Lets just say the wives and girlfriends of the males on these outings are usually not too pleased about her going along!

6:00 p.m. on March 28, 2011 (EDT)
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very entertaining Louis..Enjoyed it and can picture you just watching the antics with a smile...thanks

10:31 a.m. on April 5, 2011 (EDT)
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I wonder who is giving out negative votes? I wouldn't think an essay contest would warrant such overt passive aggression.

3:53 p.m. on April 6, 2011 (EDT)
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I think the directions were not followed/totally read. Probably someone(s) is choosing yes for one and no for the others as in selecting and not as a slight. I am just guessing and being optimistic though. I am the glass is half full type of person.

August 19, 2018
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