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New Mexico

I'm looking for a 3 day trip in southern New Mexico. I'm going to be driving up from SoTex and am having trouble finding a loop hike. Would prefer a trip in the mountains where water and trees are. I've been looking in Lincoln National Forest around Ruidoso but mileage wise, I am only seeing the Crest Trail. Thanks in advance!

I got this site after a quick search. It lists a 14 mile and at least 2 20+ mile loops.

Other sites:  <- Granny Mtn. Loop is 35 miles

BTW Welcome to Trailspace.

Wow, Nice links, thanks!


The area round the Gila Wilderness is nice. I like the area near Reserve N.M. Hike the San Francisco River , theres a Hot Springs near Glenwood N.M on the San Francisco River.and the Negrito. Theres lots of indian ruins. Or even farther south is the Gila Nat Monument with its Cliff Dwellings.

I would have to add the Pecos Wilderness to the list. I think the trails and scenery there were specifically "engineered" for backpackers. I went there a year ago for fishing in the Pecos river (it was great) and my brother and I did an imprompto hike 4 miles up towards Pecos Baldy (turned around due to snow above 11,000ft). This is one area I plan on returning to for sure. Might be a little further north than you are planning to drive, though.

The problem with the Crest Trail is water. There are springs but they haven't been flowing real well. I have property in Ruidoso (drives me crazy when Texans pronounce it Riodosa) and day hike the trails there. I've overnighted on the Crest Trail but the lack of water is an issue with longer trips unless you cache it.

Hmmm. Well, I think we have limited ourselves due to time constraints (college program running thru summer). Also, my experience level is kinda a limiting factor as well. I've decided to hike the Bonito trail loop as an over nighter. If I had more time, I would definitely be looking more west (Gila) or north (Pecos). Seeing as I'm from Texas, I am totally clueless on the bear situation and would really appreciate any feedback or advice. I'll be taking my wife and a camera so there will prolly be a trip report when I get back. One other thing, I'm not finding a lot of info on the water situation and temps (besides the yearly averages and such). Thanks in advance!

December 1, 2020
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