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Adirondacks in late July

planning a 4 day trip for later in July. Originally thinking WV National Forest., but started thinking about the Adirondacks. Does anyone know what the bugs will be like at that time? I'm not really into hiking/camping while wearing a bug net. Thanks

Black Flies 'may' have subsided by then, note I say 'may'. However, you will most assuredly have deer flies and or horse flies.

My advice? Go to the dacks in late summer, fall, winter, or early spring(depending on the year). I do everything in my power to avoid black flies, they are my arch nemesis.

With all the dryness and heat in the greens and adacks this summer the bugs are at a low. Black flies are done. No seeums come out at dark, but they are somewhat tolerable. Yes, the deer flies are out there, but wear a bandana cuz they prefer the back of your head. They aren't that fast they just stay in your blindspot Two tricks with deer flies. 1. Back up against a tree and they will fly around to your face where you can get em. Or2. Put your shades (sunglasses) on the back of your head and they will fly around to your face where you can get em. Don't camp near a swamp and you should enjoy a trip up here this summer.

September 18, 2020
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