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I am planning a trip to the Adirondacks the first week of October.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I would like to plan a hike that would last three days (two nights) backpacking.  Possibly to include fishing.  

The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area is rather appealing.  I would be happy to hear about hiking up Pharaoh Mountain.  Through watching a few youtube videos, it seems rather daunting (with a pack).  

I do like "views" and water (lakes, streams, falls, etc).  

Thanks in advance!  ---Donna

You might want to check out the Cranberry Lake 50.   Pretty decent scenery through the Five Ponds Wilderness, follows along the Oswegatchie River for a while, it's fairly level without a lot of daunting elevation change, and there excellent well-maintained shelters spaced regularly along the entire route.

Thanks!  I'll check it out.  For the record, I am not opposed to "elevation change."  My concern is more difficult terrain, i.e. huge rocks that you cannot step up onto, scrambling, etc.  I watched a video of an ascent up Pharaoh Mt and it looked really challenging on foot, without weight!  I read that there is an easier way up, but if I were to follow the trail, wouldn't I have to go down that way? 

I worked in Lake Placid NY in the summer of 1996 and climb/hiked Mt Marcey. Its beautiful country. Where ever you go please share pictures and a trip report after you come back.

I can't know your exact ability so my opinion may not help you, but I climbed Pharaoh about 15 years ago and the trail was very well maintained and not overly challenging, a little steep, IMO. If it was heavily eroded from a storm in recent years I can't be sure. We camped on the west side of the lake and had an amazing time. The weather was perfect, no bugs, loons calling in the evening andmorning, and the sun rise was spectacular. I thought the trails in that wilderness were very forgiving. There was actually a couple carrying their canoe in 5 miles to the lake.

The S W face of Pharaoh has several cliffs and is known for good climbing, bouldering and ice climbing. The video you may have seen could have been from that side. If you have a link to that video I will take a look at it. Pharaoh is very pretty and a nice region to visit for a few days. I would recommend it. You can always take another route not over the mountain if you get uncomfortable as there are numerous trails to choose from. I hope you have a nice trip wherever you decide.

The "daunting" part of this video is around minutes 3 - 4:30.  I wouldn't mind doing this sort of trail if I didn't have a pack. 

I have basically decided to hike and hang out in this area around the ponds and lake, etc. 

I have read that the less difficult trail comes from the NW (Crane Pond) and the more difficult is from the SE (Pharaoh Lake).

If I were to begin at the Crane Pond trail, hike up Pharaoh, would I necessarily have to come down the SE one to continue a hike around Pharaoh Lake and then the ponds?  I don't find coming down to be all that much easier than going up when hiking on rough terrain.

I have also been considering Treadway Mt.  Can anyone give me any thoughts on if this one?  Any different?  Easier?  etc?  It seems like I'd like to explore and hang out in that whole pond area for a few days but also want to get up somewhere and check out some views.

Thanks everyone for your help. 

October 24, 2020
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