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jack river falls

planning a trip to do the jack river falls loop. 14 mile trip over the weekend. my brother in law has done it several times and highly recommends it. I'm a beginner and just looking for some tips/ gear advice. we will be going the end of April.

where is it located?

north Georgia in the cohutta wildernesd

Put cahutta in the search window on the top right. You will find many threads, even one about the loop in question. Tipi walter has some trip reports from that area, he knows it pretty well I think. Maybe patman could help too, thats their neck of the woods. Im sure they will chime in when they can, pat works and walter is prob in the woods.

AUblake, I have not explored the Cohutta yet myself and have only just experienced the Big Frog Wilderness. This trip report from Tipi shows his route pretty well and he did go by Jacks River Falls:

As far as advise specific to this trip, the main thing I would recommend to a beginner is researching how to perform safe water crossings; here are a few quick things I found on this site:

Depending on the route you choose you may have multiple water crossings. For those that attempt the entire jacks river trail, a second pair of dry camp shoes is recommended as the whole trail has lots and lots of crossings. And bring some extra dry socks!

This area of the country is notorious for drenching rains and falling temperatures so I would also advise you to read up on what are called the “ten essentials” of backpacking.

If it is cold, and you get rain drenched or fall in the river, have a plan and a way to make a fire; think about how you will keep your sleeping bag and an extra set of clothes dry. You can research many ways to do this and spend as much as you want on a solution but I often use a combination of a trash compactor bag to line my backpack and stuff sacks inside of that. I also focus on not falling in the river. :)

If you have more specific questions, go for it and I will be glad to try but again I’m not the most familiar with that area but am well familiar with Southern Appalachian backpacking in general.

Hope this helps some and have a good trip!

Oh yeah, I'm glad they got the guy that poisoned the Toomer's Corner tree but doesn’t three years in prison seem kind of harsh?

AUblake probably already pulled the trip.  If not he needs to give his intended loop.


Welcome to Trailspace!

Tipi will be able to give you the best first hand info, if you are able to share your intended route.

Also, drop us some additional info about yourself, your experience to date, and your current set of equipment, as with that we can give you much better advice. 

In the meantime, there is a trove of information in past reports, trip planning threads, and a multitude of other posts and conversations here on Trailspace. For months before I became a member, I roamed the forums soaking up all great stuff I could learn from. 



this will but my first overnighter but have done several day hikes here on the coast of al/fl. the trip will be me and a couple other rookies with 3 veterans from north ga. we were planning a trip to start section hiking the AT but decided to start with the jack river loop trail as a warm up. our trip will be a weekend at the end of April. from what I've read this trail is fairly moderate but wet. any tips or gear advice would be appreciated. I am using one of the veterans tent/ sleeping bag , just wanted a general idea for clothing for this particular route in north ga in late April. thanks in advance. one love

patman, to me the sentence was not near harsh enough but I also have sentimental connection with the trees. by the letter of the law the punishment was probably fair but to the people of auburn university it seems like a slap on the wrist.

October 29, 2020
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