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A Summer in the American Rockies: you might be able to help

Hey yall,

I would like to see if anyone would like to meet up this summer for some quality outdoor activity.

Recently I have been planing a massive road trip for this summer. Sadly a close family member recently passed away and left me a sizable amount of her estate. I am fairly confident that I will never have this kind of opportunity again so I have already put in a notice of resignation as a manager for a gear shop. I will be taking a percentage of the inheritance I gained and spend the entirety of june- september in the mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

I want to know if your planning a trip in this area in this time of year and if you would like some company. I will be spending the first two weeks of june in northern New Mexico ranging from Taos to Farmington. From June to mid July I will be exclusively in Colorado. I am looking at spending the first half of that time in the south visiting Sangre De Cristo's and san Juans, working up to gunnision over to BV to the front range. Around July I will head to north Colorado climbing 14ers in Rocky Mountain NP and the surrounding forests. I am hooked up with some friends attending outdoor retailer in August at Salt Lake and will be climbing Kings Peak in the Unitas (Utah) with them late july. I have a pass to OR so I will be there in August. From OR I will spend the rest of August in the Tetons and Winds. For September I will be in the yellowstone area climbing and paddling. If I have the time and money I am considering heading up to Glacier for a capstone trip that incorporates a good mountain and multi day canoe tour/portage through glacier. If you are planning anything in these areas at thoes times of year and want company please direct message me with the details. I dont want to make my exact location at any time to be publicly availible on the net.

I will be doing a number of activities on this trip. I will be bringing: my Wenonah Escapade for doing canoe touring on many of the resiviors, a full backpacking set up for summer or winter conditions, my mountaineering equipment and of course my bouldering pad, and sport climbing gear (I has no anchors, or cams. no rack for me).

My main goal in this operation however is education. I will be attending courses with a few of the accredited outdoor schools that we have in the Rockies. I will be getting my WFR at the NOLS main location in Lander, im going to learn multi pitch climbing with Exum in the Tetons (and climb grand :p ) and a few other things along the way. I do need some advice if anyone has it though on an ACA (american canoe association) certifications. When I come back to new orleans in october I have a new job lined up as a canoe guide and I want to get as far into the ACA program as I can. if anyone recommends any ACA teachers or schools out west let me know!

If you have any advice or any questions on my logistics on doing this kind of thing "alone" let me know. Im not planning this with rose colored glasses. I know im going to be lonely, and miserable at times but in truth thats what im kinda looking for.

Im working on a blog to post videos and pictures of the trip on as I go. Ill post it when its done.


That’s disgusting, repulsive, uncalled for and despicable….

And man, am I jealous!

 I wish I could join you, you are sure to have a grand adventure. Best wishes Mike!

If you go solo and go off trail, best leave a detailed itinerary with the authorities, and a return date with those back home, so folks will know when and where to look if you fail to check back in at the appointed time.

Glaciers NP in the shoulder season can be rough.  It is often temperamental even during the summer season.

Reconsider solo water adventures - even "safe" water is unforgiving when things don't go as planned.


I really like your plan except for R Mtn NP which is a madhouse in summer.  There are so many better places in Colorado.  Good idea to start in the south.  Don't overlook the cultural sites and ruins in places like NM and CO.  Try to miss Labor Day and the month of August at Glacier.  You are going to have a lot of fun.

Whomeworry, on this one dont worry. I have a serious arsenal at my disposal, a good head on my shoulders and (for when all else fails) will be carrying a Pieps

. I will be stopping exclusively in National Parks, National Forests, State Parks, and BLM land that have authorities. I will be contacting and dropping in at the local office before I spend any extended amount of time in the backcountry anywhere. This is a necessity for being solo and leaving a huge inventory of gear/my life line at the trail head. I need them looking out for me. I will exclusively operate on publicly administered land with the proper authorities knowledge that I will be there. Most importantly, aside from alpine summit jaunts, I will try to stay on designated trails and on popular routes. And PPine, I want to be in those places at those times for that exact reason. Going solo on a number of trips I want to stay in somewhat popular places so that I can maintain some degree of safety and social interaction. Having four months alone on a road trip, I will have my solitude when I want it.

On the water side of things. The canoe I have is a solo/tandem. At 16.6 with a third central seat installed it is great boat for solo touring and tandem weekenders. In south Louisiana we have tons of open water in lakes and bays. (just look at a satelite immage of south of new orleans) and during the summer we get some of the nastiest thunderstorms building off the gulf of mexico. Ive got a good bit of experience in bad water at bad times. I know what Im getting in for and also how dangerous it can be. I sit out and wait any bad weather and judge any level of wind with the utmost caution. That being said too, I am hoping to have some of my friends around the country come with me on some of the paddling. Most of my  friends dont hike, cycle, or climb. I know I can get them in a boat if I do all the work. haha.

The most important thing to me is to make it back alive and well. I would much rather tell a story about how I hiked to the base of a mountain and watched it for a week then die doing something foolish and never tell a story again. Safety, is always the most important thing. More important than your blind ambition, desires and excitement.


If you plan on camping in the backcountry in Glacier make sure you get on the permits now.  It can be difficult or impossible to get backcountry permits on short notice for some areas.  

Congratulations and enjoy your journey.  Sounds like a ton of fun!!  

There are always 2 good ways to get permits.  Call and write far in advance, or be there in person to get someone else's cancelled permit.

Hey guys just updating y'all on this. The offer still stands if you want to go backpacking, paddling, riding, or mountaineering this summer in the Rockies let me know via a message and we can discuss the possibility.

Also, the trip is underway. As of today I have been on the road to the mountains for 6 days. If you want to check it out its at:

I know this forum is devoted to gear reviews soo....

There will be a good bit of gear usage and I guess I should contribute back to the community as I really use all this gear.


(If you want an inventory list and want to request a review I can PM you my inventory.)

October 31, 2020
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