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West coast trail june 23rd


I am hiking the WCT solo  on  6/23 for the first time hoping to start at 930 at port renfrew. I am flying in to Seattle from California and taking transportation to Victoria. I am planning on doing the trail  in 5-6 days. I have to be back to seattle by the 30th. 6 am. I hope i gave myself enough time.

I am interested in joining anyone hiking the trail that day...Please let me can respond here or email me at

Thank you and happy hiking


People ask about this trail all the time.  It is not one you want to hurry on or "have to be home by a certain date."  The weather is wet and the tides do what they do.

Abraham, I did the trail last year, May 2012, and lucked out with GREAT weather. We also did it in 6 days, to fast in my opinion but certainly doable.

There are lots of resources out there on the web for this hike so do some searching.

Couple of things;

Landing at SEATAC and getting to Seattle, you might want to take the train/rail. It will get you to Seattle fairly quickly and for a reasonable cost. From there it sounds like you will be taking the Clipper. Also a great run, make sure you have a passport or enhanced drivers lic!!

You will have to spend the night in Victoria, as the bus leaves early in the morning, 6:30 I think. Victoria is not a cheep place to stay, so do you shopping and plan in advance.

The Bus will put you in to Port Renfrew fairly early, you have to go through the introduction class and then you can hit the trail, after you pay the fee of course! :)

You should have no problem getting to the first site that day, I would probably not try to make it to the second site, unless you are a good fast hiker, it will be a very long day and if it's wet the trail can be a mess. It is doable, just not to easy. Of course this is my experience.

From there it's fairly easy to get from site to site and you have a lot of options for camping. 

I would love to go again, but no money this year for the trip.  Maybe next year.


OH YEA, Welcome to Trailspace.

Thank you Wolfman.

I am looking forward to this hike..hoping to meet some hikers on the trail.

What i am having trouble with so far is arranging transportation back from Bamfield to Victoria/Seattle/Port Angeles...Not sure what the best way is...and i think ferries and buses run at certain time...still researching but appreciate any info...


There is only a few ways that I know of to get out of Bamfield.

1.  Drive or have someone drive you. 

2.  West Coast Trail Express.  This is probably your least expensive option.  They would pick you up at the trail head (Ranger station) or in town and then take you back to Victoria. 

3. Juan de Fuca Express Water Taxi.  This is a boat that runs between Port Renfrew and Bamfield.  If you have the time and money it can be a great trip, depending on weather and what is going on for see life.

4. There is a ship/large boat that runs from Bamfield north on the coast up to some town, I can't remember right now, and from that town I understand that you can catch a bus to the ferries, not sure about Victoria though. 

This site has these links and more on it, West Coast Trail Links.

I would not take the Black Ball back to Port Angeles, not that it is not a great little town, and getting smaller all the time, I grew up there!  But getting from PA to SEATAC is a real pain in the butt!  It could take you several days by public transportation.  If your flying out of Seattle, your best bet is the Clipper.  (Victoria Clipper) This will take you straight into Seattle and then it's easy to get to the airport. 

I am sure you will meet up with many hikers on the trail itself, but check the other sites that I listed in your other thread, you may find someone going the same time as you and get a chance to ride share, or maybe just to or from, but still that will save $80+ bucks! You could always offer to pay for gas too.  :)


September 30, 2020
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