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Hike to Red Cave overnight tonight

I might if its nice tonight go camping, use my new tent and hike to Red Cave stay tonight and come back tomorrow. Get some nice camping photo's Haven't been camping since I rode up here from Flagstaff in April on my bike. I get off work at 3 pm today, get home about 4. Have 4 hours of light to head over to the slot canyon.

sounds like a plan. did you get your new camera yet? looking forward to some good pix.

I did get my new camera, yesterday in the mail. Decided after working all day to just do a day hike tomorrow to Red Cave. Its about 5 miles dues south of where I live. I will go near another slot canyon called Red Hollow then hike along the edge of the Elkheart Cliffs to the Upper Red Cave. There is a upper and a lower section, split above to become one drainage below.


On this map you see Orderville at the top center. To the right is Elkheart Cliffs, Red Hollow and straight below Orderville near the bottom middle is Sand Wash Upper and Lower. 


On this map, its says Sand Wash and Lower Sand (Wash)

Where I am going is where the white part of the drainage meets the green between the words Sand and Wash in the center of the map. Thats where the Red Cave starts and it goes all the way right where the word Sand is again.


This aerial view shows it better, where the two top and bottom washes meet the red sandstone cliffs they seem to end and the dark shadow is the narrows.


One last aerial view as close as my map gets. The pinkish sand wash meets the mouth of Red Cave in the center here. The pink wash is about 200 feet wide and the narrows are about 3 feet wide.


This is where Sand Wash meets Red Cave.

I will post my own shots when I get back.

October 31, 2020
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