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7:59 p.m. on August 6, 2013 (EDT)
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Thunder River in the Grand Canyons North Rim side.


Highlight of the area:

Thunder River Spring emerges from the desert cliffs as a spectacular set of waterfalls that cascade 1/2 mile down a steep side canyon to Tapeats Creek.  Thunder River's estimated discharge of 21 million gallons per day (over 240 gallons/second) ranks number 2 for springs on the north side of the Grand Canyon behind Tapeats Spring.  Tapeats Spring gushes forth with 48 million gallons per day.


Emerging from the cliff as a spring, Thunder River gushes a short 1/4 mile with the strength of a river.


Thunder River Spring is a true desert oasis and is one of the most photographed features in the Grand Canyon.  The rushing water cools the surrounding area, providing welcome relief from the stagnant heat of Surprise Valley, which can reach 120 degrees in the summer.  Wildflowers, hummingbirds, and lush vegetation flourish here but are surrounded by a hot, dry desert environment.

I am planning to hike here in October of this year. I am also planning on doing many other hikes down off the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The North Rim is less visited by tourists and is 1000 feet higher than the Desert side of the South Rim. Its covered in Aspens,tall pines and is closed from November to April dues to snowfall. One can get to it only by ski's from Jacob Lake 40 miles up the highway from the rim or by hiking across from the South Rim


March 29, 2020
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