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Been in town to long, cabin fever...

I have been in a group of small communities  and its been so hot and dry this early summer, just no is the after noon cooler. In 3 weeks I am giving my 2 week notice at work. I will by then have gotten back to basics and only take that which I want to carry weight wise. Till I get back in around the parks ,in wilderness area's were few tread, few hunters with guns and bows, a sleepy forest heads into winter, I will find and/or make a shelter for the winter and smaller camps on exploration expeditions. I will seek farther in water and food sources,fish and holes to sleep in while out in the a world where neighbors are all on four legs but birds and fish. Man shows up less frequent and life is simple, "if you are smart enough to see it?"

I shall make my life that of Jeremiah Johnson tho I will use rocks and stones, branches and grasses, cave,mine entrances, deadfalls, etc for homes along the way, I may stay in one camp a night, 3, a week or two or maybe then amble on down the trail to explore the next canyon, bluff,valley,meadow,mountain crest/top, aspen grove, river valleys and canyon creeks, freedom last seen so well by an Indian/

As John Locke said on LOST: Don't tell me what I cannot do..."

October 29, 2020
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