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It's Official Machu Picchu Aug 30, 2014!

I locked in my 2014 machu Picchu trek! I am working hard to drop wieht because of this:

Day 5Hike Warmiwanusga Pass to Runquracy camp.

Warmiwanusga Pass Elevation:  13,776 feet / 4199 meters

Runquracy Camp Elevation: 12,172 feet / 3710 meters Elevation: gain 3,934 feet / loss 1,594 feet

Distance: 12 km

After hiking over the Warmiwanusga Pass we descend several thousand feet before hiking up to the ruins of Runquracay where we camp. This is a difficult day with about 4,000 feet of elevation gain.

I have a personal trainer as well as CrossFit and my home gym to supplement my hiking. I also have a weight vest for all my walking/hiking. I am once again going with Mountain Madness and this time hope no helicopters are involved! My big issue right now is some plantar faceitis I need to figure out how to rid my right foot of. Will be blogging this trek again on! I ahve a few pieces of gear to pick up. Awaiting my gear list and travel packet now. YAY!!!!!!

I'll be following again Karen..You'll kill it again.Good luck on the foot..

Congratulations. Looking forward to following your blog!

By the way...the Pass they are refering to is known in English as DEAD WOMAN'S PASS......just sayin'!

Get there early to help acclimatize to the elevation. Try some coca leaf tea.

To make things a bit easier, take the non-stop flight on LAN from LA or San Francisco to Lima. LAN has 3 flights a week each way from LAX and from SFO. You will still have to get from Vegas to one of the two and back. And look closely at the fare structure. For my flights this summer (US summer, that is), there were 3 or 4 Economy ranging from "no flexibility" to "full flexibility", which deals with rearranging the flights if something comes up ("no flexibility" means you lose the return leg and have to buy a new full-fare ticket). It turned out that the "Prestige Business Class" ticket was less that the "full flexibility Economy" - much better meals and a fold-flat bed that was nice during the 8 hour flight. If you take one of the multi-stop flights, you could end up with a 4-stop, 24+hour end to end like some of our expedition members got, and a fairly high fare to top it off.

There is a 3 hour time zone change. So stopping in Lima for a couple days (stay in Miraflores district, which is "south Lima", and I recommend the InkaFrog Hostal there). There are some really interesting things to see in Lima. I can recommend a couple of good restaurants that are even within the OGBO's cheapskate price range within walking distance of the InkaFrog. But be aware that the district near the airport (opposite side of Lima from Miraflores) is pretty bad for kidnappings, not just of foreign tourists, but locals as well. This includes unregistered taxis for the unsuspecting and grabs from taxis stalled in traffic.

I would guess that Mountain Madness is including a tour of Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. Too bad you are going in August - that means you miss the Inti Raymi festival in Cuzco at Sacsayhuaman. But lots to see in the Sacred Valley. Hopefully while you are at Macchu Pichu you will get to climb Huayna Pichu - fantastic views, though some people consider the trail up to be steep. When Barb and I were there in 2011, the Moon Temple (back side of Huayna Pichu) was closed due to some renovation. But it is supposed to be pretty interesting.

See if you can arrange to be at the Sun Gate in the early morning. The light is perfect from dawn to about 9AM for fantastic pictures of Macchu Pichu.

Also, climbing Macchu Pichu (the mountain itself, which is just above the Sun Gate, not the ruins which are actually named after the mountain) is supposed to be a special treat.

WE did this trip a couple of years ago with my daughter and her boyfriend.  Spectacular in every way.

I agree that it's a good idea to go to Cusco a few days early.  There are plenty of things to do there, and it really helps with the acclimatization.


We've got a complete trip report on our website:

OGBO! Thanks! I am a bit out from planning flights, but this will be helpful! Also, yes, I am actually staying over night at Machu Picchu so taht I can do those additional hikes. I want to see the views and get the pictures. Last trek they got me there late in the day and I missed some of the initial activities, so maybe I will go a day early to see more and avoid that happening.

balzacom: I am going to see your report now!

OH...I live at over 2.5k and hike often at  8 or 9 and for me there is no difference. I am not worried about acclimatization for Cuzco or machu pichu. But Dead Woman's Pass will kick my lungs at near 14k.

In my experience, plantar faceitis is often caused by repetitive stress, often from using gym equipment like an elliptical. Step one is to figure out what's causing it. Step two is to check out things like custom orthotics to fix the problem. 

Sounds like another excellent adventure!

Hey Peter: Thing is, I don't use gym equipment. Other than a rower and this precedes that. I walk on it, lift free weights, hike, bike...I am beginning to think it is a byproduct of a combination of weight,  and compensating for an old knee injury on the other side so I tend to stand withmy weight on the inflicted foot.

That makes sense, GOG. Have you tried orthotics?

Not a lot. They usually hurt my arches too much. I am going to look into them again though.

Don't worry about Dead Woman have all day to get to the top.  take it nice and easy---but steady.  It won't be an issue.

balzacom: I am hoping to be in good enough shape at 52 and needing 80 more pounds off to enjoy it. I was slow on Everest BC trek and want to be less so on this trek. Would like to have more time with trekking pals than my slowmess allowed last time.

Balzaccom: I read your blog..rivetted...AGAIN! I ahd actually foundit months ago and read it when I was planning to go to machu Picchu! I really think it is well writeen and informative. Thanks!!!!

giftogab said:

Not a lot. They usually hurt my arches too much. I am going to look into them again though.

I had the same problem at first, but the doc told me it was kind of like Chinese foot binding. You are re-shaping your feet, so when you get the orthotics, wear them all day and at home on the evenings. Very soon, everything stretches out and you're back in action.  

Thanks, Peter!

October 27, 2020
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