The AZT my perhaps plan for hiking the Arizona Trail next fall

9:39 p.m. on January 27, 2014 (EST)
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This video is what inspired me recently to think about backpacking the AZT from the southern Utah border to the southern Arizona border 800 miles one way.

I am now planning to go back to Jackson WY this summer in May to spend the whole summer or the bulk of it backpacking in the Gros Ventre Wilderness which is just to the east and opposite the Teton Nat Park of Jackson Hole WY. In the three months of June,July and August I plan to spend 1-2 weeks at a time hiking and base camping in the heart of the Gros Ventre Range, pronounced Grow Vont. 

I will be renting a room at a house I have lived in many times over the years from an old friend Bill Briggs, he was the first to "climb and ski" off the top of Grand Teton in 1972.

I am leaving southern Utah in mid May to get to Jackson Hole early to spend some time planning my first trip and seeing how the weather is. Also visiting old friends and just being back in the area.

This link goes to the map area of where I am going to be living most of the 3 months:,-110.448776&z=11&t=t3 

The town of Jackson is in the upper left corner. You can zoom in and out in the upper left and change the map to other views in the upper right area.

May 30, 2020
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