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Changes to my itinerary

I failed at the cycling trip this last week. I rode about 50 miles over two days and decided I did not want to bike tour back to Arizona. I came back to Jackson and now am planning to take a couple shuttles from here to SLC and down to St George Utah, then hitchhike to Zion Nat Park and spend a week or so backpacking there then going into the Parunuweap and hiking out the East Fork of the Virgin River to highway 89 near where I worked in 2013. The hitchhiking to the Paria River 60 miles east of Kanab Utah and backpack down the lower end of it 35 miles from 89a to Lees Ferry. Then hitchhike to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and spend some time there maybe doing some backpacking trips since I have not been to the canyon since 2003. Then hitchhike down to Flagstaff and Sedona to do some hikes and then hitch to Tucson.

I am leaving my bike. loaned to my Romanian roommate here in Jackson Wy and buying another when I get to Tucson. There I will work part time doing the freelance landscaping I do winters there and cycling and hiking a few days a week and renting a room from a friend.

Being I sent my backpack on to Tucson a couple weeks ago, I bought a Kelty external frame pack in excellent shape from a local thrift shop for $10. 

I will be leaving Jackson in the middle of this next wek to go to Zion.

Best wishes with your travels and looking forward to seeing some trail photos.

The following is copy and pasted from my email to all so I did not have to rewrite basically the same thing a zillion times

I am in Zion NP where I have been since Tuesday morning. This morning (Fri) I took the town shuttle to the south end and walked back thru town 3 1/2 miles as the library did not open till 10 am, I just got here a few minutes ago. It will be a while before I load,view,edit and can send my pictures. I shot many today from 8 am to just down the road from the library. I will most likely just load them at Trailspace and Facebook rather than send them out to everyone in email and then copy and paste the link to say for you Trailspace where they are in a trip report. It was very hot on Tuesday tho much of it was because I was used to JH. Yesterday was a little cooler or I got used to it the day before. There's a great deep swimming hole in the Virgin River about 40 feet from my campsite which I shared with the Idaho couple the last two nights. They are heading to Bryce today so I paid for 3 more nights this morning through Sunday night. I am in sight 101 next to the backpacker/walk-in sight, just to let you know where the nice swimming hole is I mentioned above. It by the way is only about 40 feet long and 20 wide but has a nice cascade at the top to the NW but is very deep, I cannot touch the bottom treading water in its upper middle. And people dive from the upper bank. Anyway, Its very nice to be back in Zion! I hiked the lower Narrows River walk trail on Tuesday after setting up camp. Then I walked back from the Temple of Sinawava to the Weeping Rock shuttle stop taking my time taking pictures. Wednesday I got up early and hiked to the top of Angels Landing, getting to the trailhead across from the Lodge at 8 am. It took me 45 minutes to get to the bottom of Walters Wiggles and then about 10 more to get to Scouts Lookout. I rested there then about 15 minutes later climbed up to Angels Landing getting there about 10 am. I stayed about 20 minutes and returned to Scouts Lookout going down talking to a Chinese woman talking about our mutual travels. Then met her husband at S.L.O. I stayed briefly then hiked on down to the TH and crossed the bridge over the Virgin at about noon. Yesterday afternoon after lunch I too the town shuttle to the south end of Springdale and walked about 1/2 way back but it was too hot so I caught the shuttle back and went back to camp. At sunset I walked out and photographed sunset on the Watchman and other points. This morning as I said above I went to the south end of town and walked for 1 1/2 hours to the library here where I am now. My friend from San Diego is coming on Sunday he said when I called him Tuesday night. Which was why I paid for 3 nights this morning. Then Monday we will have decided where we are going backpacking. Glad I have two more days to get a little day hiking in before I put on the heavier pack and go. Well I have other emails and all to do talk to you later, Gary

September 26, 2020
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