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Ediza Lake, CA

Thanks in advance for any info.  This forum has been extremely helpful in the past, so once again, THANKS.

Looking to hike the end of August, early Sept.  Thinking about Shadow Lake, Ediza Lake, Iceberg and Cecile Lakes.  Please advise, recommend, assist, warn, share experiences, etc. etc.  Thanks, Donna

This is a lovely area, but it also gets a lot of traffic  Best campsites at Ediza are on the West/Southwest side...but we found too many people there, so we hiked back down Shadow Creek and camped in delightful isolation. 

Iceberg and Cecille are pretty austere.  I don't think a hammock would work there...;^)

Officially, you are not supposed to camp on the shores of Ediza, like most lakes in the Sierra. Unfortunately, a lot of backpackers ignore the restrictions and camp within 10 or 20 feet of the shore rather than the 200 feet the USNFS and NPS decree. Plus Ediza has become one of the favorite lakes over the years for everybody and his/her brother/sister. The "downstream" advice is well worth taking, both for LNT purposes and for your sanity. Ediza was one of my favorites when I was first going into the Sierra in the 1950s, when you would only see members of your own (small) party there.

September 22, 2020
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