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Dolly Sods

Planning a couple of nights in the Dolly Sods area in WV late August. The better half and I will be moving a kid into college in PA, and I thought a couple of nights out after that would help distract from the empty nest emotions. She hasn't backpacked in a while so we plan to take it easy. 

Thinking of starting at the Bear Rocks TH and going counterclockwise via that trail, Raven Ridge, Rocky Ridge, and Big Stonecoal then finishing up along Red Creek and Upper Red Creek trails back to the car (skipped several trail names but you get the idea). A decent length day sandwiched in between two shorter days as we will arrive just after lunch, and hopefully just a 2 to 3 hr hike out so we can do the 7 hr drive home the third day.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. What is the weather like there in late August?

If you don't get a response, I'd recommend reaching out to fellow Trailspacer, Sean Van Cleve.

Sean helped me with some Dolly Sods questions a while ago. He's a wealth of knowledge for that area. 

Best wishes!

Which Pa college is your kid going to?

Weather can be pretty warm in late August

Thanks...I'll see what responses I get and reach out to Sean. My route allows us a couple of options to shorten the trip using alternate loops, so I am pretty happy with it. Just want to make sure there isn't something we are missing.

My oldest is heading to Gettysburg College this fall. Got a great offer there to match the fine local schools we have in NC, and he really liked the atmosphere and size there. I am hoping it's a few degrees cooler in the Sods as they are at 4K. Not too concerned as it can't be hotter than the Carolinas in august!

I was just curious about which college.  I am an Alumni of one of the Pa state universities - Slippery Rock State of the best schools for an education in Physical Education or Parks and Recreation.


"it can't be hotter than the Carolinas in august!"  oh yes it can...and it always seems to get hottest right when cross-country season starts :)


However in the last couple weeks, daytime temps have varied from highs in the upper 80's to high 60's.


Weather up there "is like a box of chocolates"...


January 20, 2021
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