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Southeast Trailspace Camp?

A comment on another thread got me thinking...any of you interested in trying to organize an unofficial Trailspace meeting in the back country of the southeast? Thinking of somewhere in western NC or eastern TN relatively convenient to SC, GA, TN, VA, and NC as there seems to be a good number of regular posters from those areas. I think some interesting backpacking conversations could ensue. Maybe pick a weekend a month or two off, a location that would allow dispersed camping without too much impact, and hopefully several trail options so we could have a get together one afternoon and evening, then wander off in our own directions the next day based on trip goals, schedules, and other factors?

Sounds like a good idea.

Although i am tied up at work right now, I would be interested. It is a great idea.

Depending upon date and location----I'd be game.......

I'm a weekday warrior since I typically work all weekend long. If people are open to weekdays, I'd be in!

Count me in if work allows

I hope this works out for you guys.

If you do coordinate something, will you share a trip report on Trailspace and maybe post some pictures on our Facebook page?

We will definitely do that Alicia. The hard part is going to be getting a weekend and location that works for enough folks. A nice idea theoretically so we will see if we can put it in practice...

Hope this works out for you folks. I've been thinking of putting together a February Pemi camp out, but I think it would be a much smaller get together :p

I'd be up for this if the time worked out..Be pretty cool..This reminds me of the Hike Trouthunter, Gozan, And another member did a few years ago one day,,,

If a good spot is found (and I know many), I could breeze through on a Grand Entry and hobnob with the elect and the elite.  Keep me posted.

It would be cool if it could work out to have regional camps since Trailspace has members from all over.

I would really like to meet all you guys!

I live in coastal SC, the NC state line is a 5 hour drive for me, TN is about 7-8.

I'm a very flexible person, I can camp in river gorges, on ridges, in high elevation meadows. I can hammock or tent as needed. 

Maybe it would be helpful to put together a map of where we all live.

I live very near Charleston, SC

If you each send me a message or post a note here with a town name or some other location info (as much as you are willing to share but any nearby town should do), I can pop all the locations on a map and send that out so we can find some decent middle ground.

Also,how about sending along with that which weekends you might be interested in the next couple of months.

Sean...I saw your note about weekdays and don't want to ignore you, but unless there are any other folks suggesting weekdays we may have to go with the majority on the weekend.

Tipi...I am betting that you know some good spots based on all your trip reports. Looking forward to your input.

I'm just south of Charlotte, as for what weekend, I'll have to play that by ear. I'm flexible but have to take care of a few projects that require weekend work.

Thanks for your efforts on this!

Cumberland Island, Ga

1st border Island in Georgia, about 30 miles north of Jacksonville,  about 3.5 hours south of Charleston.

Early November thru late March is a fabulous time to go.

Count me in on a Cumberland visit.

if date a place gets set...i'll try to make it

So Phil when you thinking? When is rendezvue and should we break out the bells ,whistles and T-bones or are we ruffing it ramen noodle stile?


I was on the trail this weekend, so will get back to you with locations of folks who responded in a couple of days after I catch up with work.

As far as dates...when I threw this idea out there I had not looked at my schedule. The first free weekend I have is the second or third weekend in December. If folks prefer to shoot for earlier, I would not be offended if it works better for more people. I'll catch the next one if it is a success.

Ed G...I love Cumberland Island (used to live in GA and go there almost every winter), but it's probably a bit too far south based on the folks who replied so far.

Phil- you gotta be there,( heck 2nd or 3rd weekend will work) wouldn't be the same without you. I know I'm looking forward to meeting you and the other folks.

I'm in knoxville---first weekend is about only weekend i December I can do....

Here is a quick screenshot from GoogleEarth of the folks who have responded with a location so far (yellow pins). I would suggest something on the Asheville (see I-240 symbol) side of the mountains to slightly reduce the travel for those from the east and south.  Anywhere from Asheville south to the Blue Ridge escarpment in NC/SC? It is not the mid point of all the locations, which seems to be somewhere north of Charlotte, but would have better options I think.


Any thoughts on a good spot to allow folks to hike in from a short or long distance depending on their schedule, but with room for a few to camp?  Shining Rock comes to mind, but not everyone will want to hassle with the new bear canister requirement.

Hey you and patman are the gurus for that area how about this max patch bald i've heard you guys talking about? Is it a viable option that time of year?or is it anywhere near where you've suggested? You'll probably get a thousand suggestion so just pick what you think is best no matter where and if we are able were able

Max patch could be tricky depending upon weather but still doable....

and one can drive to the base and walk a short distance up..

hangers wouldnt like  the bald proper as there's no trees.....but they are like half mile away..

also....not sure about water up on the bald...

shining rock wouldnt be too bad----I can bring my two bear canisters if needed...

Although I would prefer another place besides max patch or shining rock..

I am open to other suggestions. Maybe Patrick or Tipi have some ideas?

How bout panthertown valley?

I have heard a lot of good things about Panthertown Valley, but have avoided it as I thought it had few hiking only trails. Is that true? I have no problem with mountain bikers and horse riders, but am not a big fan of sharing trails for too long with them. Takes away from the trip when you have to watch too closely for pies in the trail or get passed by bikes.

Ive never been there but got a map tbrough this website

And theres a whold series of trails..

not sure about how populated it is with horses and bikers...

Anyone else with any familiarity with Panthertown or other suggestions? If not, that might be a place to try...

I'm thinking about ordering burts new map...

mainly to compare his old one with new....

ive had the last one for maybe 2 years and not sure what has changed other than when I emailed him to see what the difference was, i got a somewhat vague response of a lot has changed....

i could send ya my old one after i compare so that you can check it out....

I've been waiting see where this winds up. Kevin is panthertown in the Piz? So like Mountains to Sea trail / not too far from Linville Gorge?

nevermind, I see from the link that it's near Cashiers. I've never been so this is good with me.

I like this fr0m the website.... I can always use encouragement to not get lost:

 and really, how can you go wrong with hundreds of miles of unmarked trails?


Hiking is the primary activity of visitors to Panthertown. Hikers are encouraged to use a map and compass so as not to get lost. There are literally hundreds of miles of unmarked trails, footpaths, rock hops, and old logging roads that traverse Panthertown. Only the official Panthertown Trails System as designated by the U.S. Forest Service is maintained by Friends of Panthertown. This trail system consists of 30 miles of hiking and mixed-use designated trails. Guide services are required to have a permit with U.S. Forest Service. No mountain bikes or horses are allowed on hike-only designated trails

I lie the Panthertown idea if you all are up for it. Any other suggestions are welcome though.

Kevin...when you get your new map, how about seeing if there is a good spot to camp somewhere so folks coming from either side could get there on Saturday at least. I am going to order a map too.

As far as dates, I set up a Doodle poll to see what the best weekend would be for the most people in Nov and Dec. Use the link below to fill in name and pick some dates. 

Hey, where are we on this? I'm thinking of heading south sometime before New Years... Although I work weekends, I'm confident I can get coverage & hopefully can hike for a week or so...

Watching the thread for dates, current work schedule is increasing weekend work. Hope to be able to make this. Only one on the spreadsheet so far.

I set up the poll in the link above to see if we have dates that will work for several folks, but so far only one response. Once we get that tied down, Kevin had suggested Panthertown Valley which looks good. Not sure Sean if you could tie it into a longer hike but there are a lot of other options a short drive from there, relatively speaking. If December isn't a great month for enough people we can shoot for another date.

Just checked the poll and it looks like December would work. How about the weekend of 12/12?

I am ordering the map and will try to put a route together and find a likely spot. Kevin did you get your map yet and are you good that weekend?

Heading out on a 5 day trip this weekend so I'll catch up with all this next week.

Dawg! If it were a 3-4 day trip, I'd be tempted to make the 11 hour drive. But a weekend just isn't enough time.

I have the week off between Christmas & New Years.

Have fun!


got the map the other day and only have looked at it briefly....

i dont see too much difference between this years version and the one i got a few years ago..

i cant do the weekend of 12/12.....

ill probably be in asheville for the X mas Jam............

I'm in should be good for that weekend. Will just need the particulars

This is likely going to be a game-time decision for me at this point now... I threw my back out on Friday, and got a shot in the back on Monday. 

I haven't had a flare-up like this in about three years, pretty fortunate my injury allowed me to go this long before taking me out of commission. 

Just getting back to this after five days on the trail (report to follow soon hopefully). I was the only holdup to the weekend of 12/5 but it looks like my schedule has freed up. Is that weekend still good for the rest of you who are still game (Patrick, Kevin, John)? If so how about we shoot for meeting in Panthertown Valley on the fifth? I was looking over some GPS data and I think there is a good spot in the middle of the valley we could try out...will put together a map and post it unless others have any suggestions (i am wide open to any other alternatives). I would be getting there around dark on Friday and probably plan to camp not too far in the first night and wander around and get to the designated spot after lunch on Saturday to hang out.

Sean...sorry to hear about your back. My wife has similar issues and I know how debilitating that can be depending on how bad you tweaked it. Hope things heal but if not maybe we can do this again.

Goose...if this initial attempt works out maybe we can shoot for a more long term hike in the future to make it worth the trip?

let you know tomorrow schedule at work keeps changing but hopefully can work it the 12/12 weekend can make for sure

Looks like I can't make the weekend of the 5th either...

will ill still be on the road seeing family....

Should be good for the 5th just gotta come up with gas money good for anytime between the 12/12 thru the 12/20 also 

It looks like we are down to three at the most for early December, and with my knee recovering from last weekend's trip I can't guarantee making it.  How about we put this on the shelf and revisit after the holidays when things calm down and schedules may be better?  Seems like we have interest from enough to get a group of at least 4 or 5 if we shoot for a better time of year for everyone.

Sounds good to me...let's just keep the thought going.

I'm fortunate enough in life circumstances at the moment that I can go out almost every weekend so just let me know.....

Sounds good to me. but still looking forward to us all getting together

also sounds good to me....

usually i have the same fortunes as patman to get out every week, but this year has been a real bind for me...

i vow to change that next year and spend more time in a tent..........than standing in a field watching bands play.....

I'll be keeping my eye on this, I hope to make it. Good luck on the knee recovery.

FlipNC said:

It looks like we are down to three at the most for early December, and with my knee recovering from last weekend's trip I can't guarantee making it.  How about we put this on the shelf and revisit after the holidays when things calm down and schedules may be better?  Seems like we have interest from enough to get a group of at least 4 or 5 if we shoot for a better time of year for everyone.

 I'd be all in for after the holidays. (I have not posted on this thread yet because October through the holidays are always busy for me).  I will watch for new dates posted and hope to make it and meet some of you guys.  I think it's a great idea! I live in Atlanta and love going up to western NC any chance I get.

On that note, FlipNC, are you equipped for (and fond of) cold weather/snow camping? I wonder if any other members would be up for that? I would definitely be excited about cold weather/snow camping! I have the gear but don't use it nearly as often as I'd like to. My Toyota 4Runner is full-time 4WD with snow tires, so getting there would not be a problem :)


I go year round so yes, I'm just fine with snow camping. 4WD with snow tires? Now that opens up some possibilities!

Patman said:


I go year round so yes, I'm just fine with snow camping. 4WD with snow tires? Now that opens up some possibilities!

 Great to hear that Patrick! Hopefully there will be a new date set soon and several of of could make it!

I'll throw out some options over the holidays so we can find a date in the new year that will hopefully work.

I am a fan of cold weather backpacking and but am not set up for extreme weather easily with the gear I have now. Been slowly building the cold weather gear but spent more on lightening my base weight the last ten yrs. Now I have college tuition to pay so will not be making any major purchases for a while...usually get a trip or two in the winter but flex with the weather a bit. 

To make a long story short...too late...I am up for a Jan or Feb trip if the temps stay in the positive numbers...usual kit takes me comfortably below freezing to the teens and can supplement that with additional layers down to zero.

To make a long story short...too late...I am up for a Jan or Feb trip if the temps stay in the positive numbers...usual kit takes me comfortably below freezing to the teens and can supplement that with additional layers down to zero

im the same way.....

and to be honest.....for the most part (and i say the most part)--the temps will stay above the teens in the southeast ish kinda area....

tipi would disagree as it does get colder, but luckily unlike the north, the south doesnt stay cold that long..........

I would be into this. I'm in Asheville.

If you have plans for May-July i think I could meet up with you...I 'll follow this to see if it's possible....

Been busy with work and family, but my oldest leaves for college this weekend. How does Feb or March look for those interested in a back country get together?

Phil, depending on the exact dates, I could do it. Feb/March are good months for me in general.

Keep us posted on possible specific dates.


What dates you have in mind?? weekends are good unless I'm on call that particular weekend week days are good also with enough notice

December 4, 2020
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