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Thanksgiving solo backpack trip with dogs!

Hi! I'm wanting suggestions on a 50 mile section/trip for thanksgiving that is without snow and dog friendly? Does anyone know a good section of the pct? I like the idea of Death Valley and Joshua tree but no dogs. I'm willing to drive 10 hours from Tahoe in any direction. 5-6 nights with dogs no snow! Please help! My first obligation free, no work thanksgiving break! Jennifer and her two husky wolves! :) thank you! 


The PCT is too tall by turkey day. I would either head for the desert or the coast. Maybe the Lost Coast Trail or somewhere in the redwoods.

I like the way you think, and I am also reluctant to give up overnight hiking for the year. California is not dog friendly when it comes to their park system.

Thank you! I did 3 nights in snow mountain wilderness in the Mendocino forest. High of 60(was hiking in short sleeve) and low of 28. Very comfortable. But had to cut it short with the storm. 

September 26, 2020
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