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Anyone near Charleston?

I am looking for some backpacking, overnighter near Charleston. The foothills trail is attractive, but I am looking for something less than 2 hours drive from Charleston, SC.

Thanks hooty 

Spent some time down there years ago...not much except for paddling opportunities that I recall. I think there are some trails in Francis Marion NF...Swamp Fox trail?

I wish you meant Mt. Charleston, Nevada instead. I'm doing winter camping there again this winter. I'll be above 9,000 ft. but probably below 11,000 ft.

Seems very few choose to camp in the splendor of winter. With the right gear it is actually comfortable. You just have to contend with short days and long nights in a tent or star gazing in sub-zero temps. Bring your Kindle or iPad. :o)

Eric B.

We found a place not too terribly far away. 4 hours to the foothills trail and other trails in that area around Table Rock State Park, Oconee State Park, Chatooga, Gorges, etc...

I instantly fell in love with the landscape and trails. Of all the state parks I have ever visited the rangers at Oconee and TR are the the friendliest.

By the way- that is the closest we could find, but, although we wanted something closer, the beauty made Up for the extra drive time.

August 5, 2020
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