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Bike tour turned into a job at the Grand Canyon

I was going to tour on my bike to Florida, but may have a job at the north rim of the Grand Canyon this summer. I had applied in the fall to work the GC and yesterday got an email to have a phone interview next Wednesday to work at the Bright Angel North Rim starting in May and thru late October.

If hired I plan to leave here in mid March and bike back to Flagstaff and up and around to the north rim from here in Tucson where I have been since late October.

I have worked at both rims over the last 26 years. The north side is more remote with just one lodge and a couple hundred employees, compared to the south rim with a small village of over 3000 employee's. The north rim is 9000+ feet and is high alpine with Ponderosa pines and Aspens.

I spent twenty year backpacking the inner canyon from 1983-2003.

Wish me luck on the job interview next week!

The ride to the north rim will take about 2 weeks from the desert to the high alpine regions of Arizona.

Working sounds a lot easier than biking to Florida Gary :) Good luck, that sounds like a great place to spend the Summer!!

Gary I would be sure to tell them about your time spent hiking the GC all of those years and your great desire to help visitors enjoy and protect the park.  That is a great resume to compete with.  You will get the job unless they don;t know what they are doing.

Good luck hope you get it.You love the Canyon and the area.You also lived in some cool places close to great hiking and biking.

August 9, 2020
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