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North End of Lake Chelan

Anyone been to Stehekin, WA lately?  I am thinking about a trip this June.  We will probably take the ferry, backpack a few days and then hang out at a resort before the return trip on The Lady of the Lake. 

Nobody cares?  Ok sounds like a trip worth doing. 

I care! I just don't have any beta for ya...

Thanks BigRed.  It is a very interesting place.  The lake is 65 miles long, a drowned river valley created by glaciation.  The ferry goes from the south end at the town of Chelan, into the heart of the North Cascades but is only something like 1,200 feet in elevation.  The town of Stehekin has almost no roads.  One of the trails is named after an uncle that used to be a horse packer.  It is surrounded by Lake Chelan National Rec Area, which quickly gives way to North Cascades National Park.  It is amazing to me that if we mention the John Muir Trail we have 30 responses, but one of the greatest lakes in the country only garners one. 

In about '75 I took a NOLS course in the N Cascades, climbed Glacier Peak, attempted Rainier, did some climbing around Leavenworth and a beach hike, but never got to Chelan that I can recall. Have only passed through the region once since. Hope you have a good one!

I would like to shake the hand of anyone that has climbed Glacier Peak.  It is an expedition to get to the foot of the mountain to start the climb.  Leavenworth is one of the gateways to the Enchanted Lakes Basin. 

I have hired several NOLS instructors over the years for field crews. They were all great people to have around, especially the women.  Tough as nails.

Well if I ever pass through Minden I'll be sure to stop by and shake your hand!

Glacier peak was an expedition -- we started out with 70 lb packs in fern-filled red fir forests and worked our way up from there. My first time on a glacier and kind of a transformative experience.

And I forgot to include the Enchantment Lakes in my resume. After Leavenworth my buddy and I headed up there and got in a few rock climbs, Prusik Peak being most memorable. Beautiful place.

All my old slides from those days, and many more, are stashed away in notebooks. Wonder if I'll ever get around to looking at them again or doing anything with them. But I have the memories.

September 27, 2020
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