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Yellowstone 2018

howdy gang! It’s been a long time since I have posted although I do try to read threads every now and then. It has been quite awhile since I have had an extended adventure so I made this year be my shoe back into the door. The boss has even signed off (wife) and I will miss my baby boy that soaks up most of my time these days I have a strong urge to get out and be free. Unfortunately I have only been able to do 7-8 trips in the smokies over the last couple of years averaging 25-40 miles per trip and throw in a little dirty south kayaking in the winter months. back in the fall i decided to make some routes I was interested in on paper and wait for permit season. Well I only applied for 2 reservations and the rest of the trip I will fill in somewhere in Yellowstone, Tetons Park, Teton wilderness, or the winds. I was stoked to get my requested trips although not all of my requested campsites. Ok, after all that blabber here is the plan:

trip 1 beginning late August: after a shuttle from a friend, I will begin out of Turpin meadow or pacific creek TH depending on how I feel. That’s in Teton wilderness south of yellowstone. Head north or ne for 2 ocean pass and see the dividing of the waters then on to Bridger lake for night 2 I hope. Day 3 enter Yellowstone at hawks rest and head north through the thorofare towards the lake. Then west to hearts lake then out.After a rest and a smaller trip start the belcher canyon loop via phantom, union falls,the canyon , Shoshone geyser basin, Shoshone lake then out in September. Unfortunately my campsites did not perfectly jive on my reservation confirmation giving me an unwanted 2 consecutive long days. 

Then hopefully a good short trip in the Tetons or winds. 

Im pretty happy to be getting back on the wagon and although this isn’t the rougher alpine I really crave it’s an area I’ve wanted to put boot tracks on at least once in my life. 

ive added enough time to do a little oregon/California/Mormon trail history on the drive out up to south pass. ( I have a problem with reading trail history, narratives, and diaries)

i hope everthing works out and also hope everyone else on the forum has great plans. Hopefully I can knock out the JMT next year before permits are unobtainable.

best regards!

Sounds like a good plan. Hope you have a great and fun trip. 

Good for you.  I like your plan, but if you could move it ahead until right after Labor Day it will be a whole different trip.  Elk rut starts around Sept 18 in earnest.  It is the magic time to be there. 

Hey Cletus good to hear from you again! I was just rereading your Wind River report from several years ago. I hope to see some of it this year myself. 

September 26, 2020
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