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Sequoia - Backpacking Destination Advice Needed

Hi everyone:

I'm traveling to SEKI at the end of August. I am backpacking for 3 nights. I have permits for the Twin Lakes trail, which goes to Twin Lakes, Ranger Lake, and Lost Lake.  I'm also debating doing the Lakes Trail up to Pear Lake. Lots of other trails have reached their quotas, so it's kind of down to those two options. Does anyone have any advice on which is 'better'? By better - I pretty much mean more spectacular scenery, opportunities to do quick peak bags on layover days, or explore other cool sights / sounds of the area. I'm young/fit and also don't need complete solitude, if that's a consideration.  Let me know if you have any advice! Of course open to other options as well, but would need to be a trail I can still get a permit for.


Tony George

Silliman Crest and the view from Ranger Lake is one of my all time favorites...

September 22, 2020
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