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Oakhurst CA & Yosemite NP

I have a co-worker heading out west for a trip with his girls starting this weekend.  They are staying in Oakhurst CA for a couple of nights and planning to hit Yosemite.  Any recommendations and/or backup plans if the fire is still a problem?  Any help would be appreciated.  They are not backpacking/camping so assume some shorter day or less hikes. He wants to show them some of those outstanding California natural resources and views as part of a southwest/west tour.  Thanks in advance.

He may not be able to get into Yosemite from Oakhurst---that road is currently closed.  Still open:  Highway 120 via Big Oak Flat...and that would take him to Tuolumne Meadows, which may still be smoky, but is pretty darn spectacular.  Lots of great day hikes there


he could also head North to the Emigrant Wilderness, just north of Yosemite. Excellent backpacking and hiking there, and the permit issue is also simpler there.


We have lots of suggestions on our website:

This is definitely not a good time to visit Yosemite. 

Sierra NF, John Muir Wilderness, Kings Canyon NP and Sequoia NP are all south of there, east of Fresno. Since your friend doesn't have reserved lodging in these locales - or YNP - overnighting is a challenge in some instances.  Some of these venues do permit roadside camping, but you must have the means to clean up after yourself, including toilet related soils.  All are pretty.  A call to the respective authorities for each venue can answer these types of questions.


Thanks for the quick advice...they have hotel reservations in Oakhurst and Exeter and the plan was short hikes in the NPs. I'll pass this along.  He's pretty flexible so will adapt and make the most of it...not a good time to visit but once you have airline tickets and reservations you just have to adapt and have a good time.

I agree that they should change plans.  Sequoia NP is a great place and not as crowded.  Plenty of other places to visit on NF lands out of the smoke. 

While PPine would normally be correct, due to the fires near Yosemite, SEKI is absolutely jammed packed with people right now--and not completely prepared for it.  I'd look beyond the national parks for the visit...

Very easy to believe balzaccom. Thanks for the update. 

October 28, 2020
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