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How can I connect with other Teton hikers Sept 3-9?

Was planning on meeting a friend in the Tetons for a week of hiking.  She was injured and cannot make it.  

So I am looking for hiking pals for Sept 3&4 and Sept 8&9. Will hike by myself if I have to, I’m not missing out on the Tetons, But I know it’s not the best idea.

Is this a good venue for connecting?  If not, Where?  

Been awhile since I was a member of The Mountaineer, but they may have a bulletin board for this purpose.  Likewise with AAC.  You can also try  They have a bulletin board for those trying to throw together trips, but it mostly is used to find like minded souls close to home for commitments beyond a single trip.  Can't hurt to try, though.  Lastly many colleges/universities have outdoor clubs.  I used to network through these for trekking and climbing company.


Thank you!  Will check these out. 

Wish I could hike with you but I work those days. I live in Jackson and have for the past 30+ summers. I have hiked all over the Tetons. I am off on Tuesday the 4th to Friday the 7th. I work Sat, Sun and Mondays 10 am-6 pm.

September 19, 2020
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