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2500 miles Tucson AZ to Sodus NY by bicycle

I am considering cycling from Tucson to upstate NY. Starting in the spring, which here is early in the year.

Question, to those of you who live between eastern New Mexico and western NY, when do you think the weather would be warm enough to head across the plains. Not too cold and windy. Wonder which way the average winds blow in spring, would I be fighting headwinds or get pushed down the road?

Plan to take about 2 1/2 month at the most, 30 miles a day.

I have been turing in the west for 36 years, tired of all the mountains to pedal up, time for some flatter lands.

I grew up my first 16 years of life in Sodus NY, Jan 1956 to May 1972. My parents moved to SW Arkansas when I finished the 9th grade. I have been back to my hometown twice, once in 1977 when I hitchhiked 10,000 miles around the USA and again in 1983 when I bicycled 7000 miles around the USA.

It's been years, decades actually Gary, and a bit further north but I used to ride in northern Iowa when visiting family there. Memory is fuzzy but the winds seemed pretty brutal many times. Don't remember prevailing wind direction...I always did loops do experienced both sides of that issue. Good luck! 

Thankx Phil May!

I can't help you with your wind-related question but what I can say is...go for it! Sounds like a great trip and I wish you the best, safest, and most enjoyable time. 

Thanks KiwiKlimber.

Hi Gary: I have found that the prevailing winds almost never prevail in the direction you want to go. I did the Southern Tier this past spring and can only remember two days out of two months when they were actually at my back. Just grin and bear it. There are long flat section on the plains but hills as well. Southern Iowa is definately not flat! Again, grin and bear will get you through it along with a good touring gear range. I modified my touring bike to give me a low end of 16.5 gear inches for my cross country tour and was able to climb everything in my path. (I am 67 years old) 

I found the mid-March weather to still be quite chilly in the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico and I would not think about the Great Plains states until mid to late April at the earliest. Upstate New York can still have some chilly nights in early to mid May, so just make sure you have some gear for chilly rides and a good sleeping bag if you are tenting. Of course, there are always motels for the really bad days or when you feel you have earned a rest. 

Finally, just make up your mind to go and get-r-done!

November 28, 2020
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