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10 Days road trip from Michigan to Pennsylvania

Hello guys,

First of all thanks in advance for everyone who's willing to help!

I'm looking for ideas, me and my girlfriend are planning to take 10 days road trip from AA Michigan to Slippery rock(an hour from Pittsburgh) PA.

For the last week, we've been trying to collect some ideas and information about any recommended national parks and hiking trail on / off out road.

I'm here to ask you guys for some ideas, for the greatest day hikes around the road.

We don't mind the drive if the view and the place is worth it.

Thank you all so much! 

You definitely need to make a hook into swny and visit Letchworth State Park. You'll thank me guaranteed.

#1 State Park in the US.

#1 State Park in the US?  By what criteria? 

Attendance - that is largely a correlation with proximity to a large population, not necessarily having anything to do with attributes of the park itself. 

Beauty - highly subjective, some of the prettiest places I've been are deserts, yet the average Joe probably would not include deserts among the top of the list.  But going for more conventional tastes of what constitutes natural beauty: California has a handful of parks that include redwoods and absolutely stunning coastal vistas; Alaska has parks with mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and coast lines that put much of the lower 48 to shame; and Hawaii is in a class of its own - the Nā Pali Coast State Park is a fantastic paradise!  And so on, and so on... 

I am sure Letchworth State Park is a plenty fine park, but given the competition there are dozens of parks that arguably are the finest of the bunch.  None of them have everything, so arriving at the sole top dog is mainly an expression of one's personal taste.


USA Today-Readers Choice...chose Letchworth


Welcome to Trailspace Dor........

649 miles+/- in ten days. That's awesome. Is this a round trip or one way? When are you planning your trip. Are you renting a car or driving your own? Right of the bat, before we know anything about your skill set, physical condition and what gear you have for your trip............the one thing I can recommend is do not leave your car full of gear and ten days worth of what it takes to live on the road at a trail head and then leave to go on a hike or over night camp out. Sadly there are people waiting for you to do that. There are recommended things you can do to not get ripped of at a trail head once you kinda figure out your route and plans.

whomeworry said:

#1 State Park in the US?  By what criteria?

For my part I'd vote for Anza Borrego...

Anza-Borrego is pretty nice, but I really like Custer State Park - world class climbing in the Needles and fine scenery.  The ski touring is superior to Anza Borrego.

If you combined Custer SP, Wind Cave NP, and Jewel Cave NM, you would have a really fine attraction....

Anza-Borrego is pretty. 

I find myself indecisive in this beauty contest.  Blonde/brunette, desert/rain forest - can't I have them all!?


And how many of the above 'favorites' help Dor in his request?

Old Guide said:

And how many of the above 'favorites' help Dor in his request?

OK, we digress.  Wildly.  And I am guilty of leading the charge.

But it provokes a response when anyone posts on a travel centric forum that one destination stands out above all the others. Everyone had good intentions, and we learned of some places to consider for future trips in other locations that otherwise would have remained unknown.


I only posted Letchworth because of ratings and it  is truly within reach of Dor's trip.

I have friends in the Pittsburg area and they stayed most of week in Letchworth and found it amazing. I've stayed there and visited many times.

Other  than that Ed, I was just trying to get the thread track.

October 1, 2020
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