Grand Canyon in May

1:49 a.m. on December 29, 2006 (EST)
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A couple of friends and I are planning a four night trip to the Grand Canyon this May. If we can get the permits that is.

So, lets say that we do not get the permits. Where else can we do a backpacking trip?

I am thinking maybee Zion, Glenn Canyon. I was also trying to remember the place I saw on the cover of Backpackers magazine. It was a photo of woman, I think, swiming in an emrald pool of water in Northern AZ I believe. I cannot recall the name of this place and I am not at home to look. I do recall doing a search on the internet but only turned up info on the Grand Canyon. For some reason I am thinking it was called Little Grand Canyon. Is that such a place?

Anyhow, this is what we are looking for.

I would like a thirty to forty mile loop of a trip. The more level it is, the longer it can be. If we have to hike up five thousand feet, that will cut into the miles that we will be able to do.

We are going in May and would like an area with warm day time temps and still cool off a bit at night.

I am also thinking that Northern NM might be a nice area. Our interst is to hike around water, ie. lakes or rivers of senic value.

I was shying away from the high mountains or Wyoming because of snow and unpredictable weather at that time.

We live in CO.

If you have a suggestion or two, please post or email me. If you have link to the hike that I can read about on the net, I would appreciate it as well.

Right now we are getting pounded with snow. Cannot wait for this trip.

Thank you,

4:41 a.m. on December 31, 2006 (EST)
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I guess folks do not like to share their favorite hiking spots.

I found a story on Big Bend in Texas. Can anyone advise me on that? Are there some long trails in Big Bend?


5:29 p.m. on December 31, 2006 (EST)
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It sounds like you are talking about Havasu Falls Pond on stream just below Supai on the Havasupai Indian Nation about 60 miles west of the Natl ParK and about half a mile deep. (Its also a long gravel road - like 60 miles as I recall)I was there over Easter one year and got snowed on two nights of 5. You need good knees - at the top its a barren plain with a dumpster and a sign. Carry some cash to pay for your annual permit in Supai. Don't go in a storm...
Jim S

1:47 a.m. on January 5, 2007 (EST)
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You are close. However, the wrong side of the Grand Canyon. I have found the place I am was looking for.

It is on the Little Colorado River Gorge. You have enter the Grand Canyon to get to the road that takes to the trail head. It is located on an Indian Reservation so you do need to pay fees to them as well as the Feds when crossing through a couple of miles of the Grand Canyon on State Hyw 64.

You have to get the permits in Cameron, Az.

Here is a link that I found.

Can you offer further information on the difficulty of the trail? On this web page it talks about class 4 and class 5 climbing/hiking. What is that? 200 feet of air? What? It is scaring me already.

If you have more information, please share.


June 25, 2018
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