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Hiking Books for NC

Would anyone like to suggest a book on hiking in western nc? I've looked at Hiking North Carolina Trials 4th ed. at the local store and was not impressed. I would like, if it is possible, a book with how to get to the trail head, elevation graphs and a small map of the trail. Something like the hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, the brown book. Any help would be appreciated!

Do you have the AT Guidebooks for NC and GA or NC and TN available from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy located in Harper's Ferry, WV. The NC/GA edition includes a National Geographic map of the GSNP which can also be purchased separately. The NC/TN edition covers the AT north of the Park to Erwin, TN.
Lookfor other guides about the Pisgah National Forest outside of Asheville. It has lots of less travelled hiking trails and includes Mt. Mitchell. Organizations that can help you: Smoky Mountains Hiking Club, Nantahala Hiking Club, Georgia Appalachian Trail Club.
(From the NC/GA AT Guide book)

When I lived in NC, I used the "Hiking North Carolina" Falcon Guide 2nd edition and I thought it was great. For each trail, there's a section with directions to the trailhead, a description of the trail, and a map for each trail with shaded elevation profile. The directions aren't very detailed so you would need to use a real map to actually get to where you want to go.

Thanks rambler! I will check your comments out.

Kirk, I looked at that book on Amazon but was concerned there was only 6 reviews. I feel much better hearing it from this forum.

100 hikes in the Smokies. I used this book to plan hikes in the National Park, but the National Geographic Map shows lots of options. I did a loop out of Fontana Dam and Cosby's Campground.

October 28, 2020
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