Planning a Road Trip thru out Utah, any suggestions?

1:08 p.m. on December 8, 2008 (EST)
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I want to try to hit all of the National Parks in Utah, not sure how to go about it. i have a total of 10 days. Should i fly into salt lake or fly into st. george. any ex. itenerarys, and what roads to take . Perhaps in what order i should do Parks or Monuments. Thank you

3:06 p.m. on December 8, 2008 (EST)
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"If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium." That was the name of a book (and maybe a movie as well) back in the 1960s. Your statement "hit all of the National Parks in Utah, ... i have a total of 10 days" sounds like this is your goal. Are you aware of how many National Parks (and monuments) there are in Utah? Are you aware of how far apart they are, and the roads you will have to travel on in some of the parks?

I really would suggest you pick a few of the parks and spend some quality time in those few, rather than "hitting all the parks." Visiting Bryce, Zion, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands, plus Big Basin (just across the border in Nevada) and Dinosaur National Monument, and really seeing things (which means taking a few hikes in each) will take a couple weeks at least. And I haven't mentioned places like the slot canyons, Castleton, the national forests in the Wasatch and Uintas, etc etc.

This website shows the National Parks.

By the way, Trailspace is a website for foot travel, not for motorized "road tours" that involve just a quick glance out the window at the "sights to be seen".

6:24 p.m. on December 8, 2008 (EST)
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i appreciate your advice, and i will be doing lots of hiking, but i don't think i have the time to walk thru UTAH, so do have to drive do my destinations. you are right about not being able to hit all the parks. Right now on my priority list of hikes is the The Narrows in Zion. If you have any suggestions on hikes that would be great.

2:27 p.m. on February 6, 2009 (EST)
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I would say you should definitely fly into St. George. you are much closer to Zions, Goblin Valley, and Bryce Canyon. there is so much to see! I haven't seen it all, but it's an absolutely amazing venture! Arches National Park is my personal favorite, it's further Northeast, but beautiful!

10:31 p.m. on February 6, 2009 (EST)
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If I were driving, I would start in St George, take I-15 north to hwy-9 go east thru Zion, then turn north on US-89 to Hwy 12 to Bryce, then after continue east on 12 to Teasdale or hwy 24, then head east thru Capital Reef. continue on 24 to Hanksville and continue north on 24 to I-70, then east to 191 south at Brendel. South on 191 to Arches NP and Moab, on south to the small road that goes out to Anticline Overlook on Canyonlands NP, then back to 191 and continue south to Blanding and Edge of the Cedars SP, then west on95 to Natural Bridges N Mon. then back southeast to 261 and the Valley of the Gods and on south to The Goosenecks of the San Juan SP near Mexican Hat. Then souwest on 163 into Arizona thru Monument Valley to Kayenta AZ and southwest on 160 to just west of Tuba City (look for the signs to the Dinosaur Footprints) or ask for directions in Tuba City. Then head back northwest toMarble Canyon on 89 again. Take the short drive to Lee's Ferry after the Navaho Bridge over the Colorado River. The drive on with 89 thru the Vermilion Cliffs N Mon. and continue on to Jacob Lake and up to Fredonia AZ.Here you can either go back to Zion via 89 and go to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes on the way from Kanab to Mt Carmel UT or take 389 on thru northern Arizona to Pipe Springs N Mon and head back to St George.

The way Utah is with the Colorado slicing thru its middle there is no way to go back west from Moab without backtracking the way you got there from Zion. Except the routes I discribed going south and west from Moab.

Along the above route there are many other smaller state parks and areas I did not mention above. Utah is full of little out of the way places and is very nice to drive thru. definately have a good state map with you and maybe get a Utah Topo map atlas to show the little out of the way places along the route that the state maps may leave out.

If you have and will be taking a laptop go to some of the various online map sites. I use [url=] where for $19.95 a year I can view anywhere in the US at a glance in various topo map scales. I hardly ever use a paper topo map anymore.

11:03 p.m. on February 18, 2009 (EST)
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I was at Arches last weekend, and it is pretty incredible. You could do it all in 1-1/2 to 2 days. Do the ranger guided tour of the Fiery Furnace too. I would also work in sunrise at Dead Horse Point State Park.

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