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Checking Pack as Luggage

I'm going to Ireland and England and i would like to use my pack as a suitcase etc for traveling. how badly is it going to get destroyed by checking it with the airlines and putting it in luggage compartments? any suggestions on how to travel with it in once piece while letting other people handle it? It's an Osprey Aether 60 and i know they cover all damage free of charge but that won't help me if i get over there and a buckle is broken off. Suggestions, stories, tips, ideas?

There was a thread on this subject a while back. Here's a link to it, hope it helps.

Just be sure not to leave anything on the outside fo the pack you want to keep, when coming home from Alaska two years ago I had a carabiner on the outside that I used for a handle to carry it and some luggage ape stole it. Also be sure to have your name, address and phone number clearly written on it or on a good tag as in case it gets lost. My pack was once misplaced at a airport in Dallas TX and found later after my flight had left, it was returned to me later. They said if it had not been the name and stuff on it they would have kept it a month and then auctioned off my stuff with me stranded somewhere having to replace everything at the moments notice.

In addition to a decent luggage tag on the outside, I leave my name, address and itinerary inside my bag as well. If the bag gets lost and the luggage tag goes missing, the airport folks can open the bag and hopefully get it to me.

Alan makes a good point. My wife picked up a bag identical to hers at the airport. Only because of a phone number inside of the bag we had were we able to get it back to its owner who had also picked up my wife's bag. Luckily, by chance we lived close to each other and the exchange was easy.
When trveling by air with a checked backpack, I try to have no loose straps hanging off of it. I wrap the hip belt around the back and buckle it tight. I have used pieces of webbing to make the outside compact, too. You can find mini-duffles made for string packs inside for flights.

I would buy an inexpensive lightweight duffle bag and put the pack in that. You don't need a heavy-duty one-one made of ripstop nylon will do. You should be able to find one at a discount store or a big luggage store for not very much. Pack straps can catch on machinery on luggage conveyor belts or other luggage. Putting the pack inside something will help.

I have also seen mesh bags with a lock on them for packs, but TSA may rip those open to get at the pack if they can't open the lock.

September 23, 2020
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