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Michigan Shore to Shore Trail

Anyone know where to get useful detailed information like topos, reviews, experiences that sort of thing on the Michigan Shore to Shore Trail? I want to make it my first thru-hike so I'm just looking for any info I can scrounge up on this. So far it's lacking severely.

Is that part of the North Country Trail ?

No it's not. The trail goes from Oscoda to Empire East-West from the shore of both Great Lakes. I tried but I can't get any good information without paying and I dont know how good their info is so I don't want to pay them. :/

If you look around on they will give you a 15 day free trial with 3 free trail guides and free maps. I tried it and it wasn't to bad if you can find what you want. ill look at some more of my map stuff and see what I can find for you.

September 26, 2020
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