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4:04 a.m. on September 9, 2009 (EDT)
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I am hoping to do a week or two in Yosemite summer of 2010. One of my iteneraries i am looking at is to park in the valley take the shuttle to Toulome (spelling) and backpack linking a few trails down to the valley and then doing some of the touristy stuff and staying at the hotel there for a day or two or three. So my question is... is it possible to park in the valley so i can pick up my car when all done with the backpacking trip. I would have reservations at the hotel so do you think they would allow a car there for a few days?


thanks scott

10:09 a.m. on September 9, 2009 (EDT)
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Yes, I believe you can. To be sure go to the Yosemite National Park website thru www.nps.com and inquire thru there. Also for lots of great info join the Yosemite National Park Yahoo egroup where much of your questions can be answered by other who have been there or work there.

4:40 p.m. on September 9, 2009 (EDT)
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thanks for the info

7:17 a.m. on September 11, 2009 (EDT)
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Check here for bus schedules in the Park and to the Park (YARTS):


The bus ride up to Tuolumne Meadows has some great views and hiking back down to the "Happy Isle" is the best direction to go as you drop down in elevation. There is a campground right behind the bus stop for either car camping or tenting. You do not need a reservation to tent, but there is a small per person charge. The trail starts right out of the campground to Lyell Canyon.

Rather than hiking back down along the John Muir Trail, consider starting out along the Tuolumne Meadows (Lyell Canyon) then branching off the JMT to Tuolumne Pass and head for Merced Lake. There are options on trails to there and several options of lakes to camp near.

2:00 a.m. on September 12, 2009 (EDT)
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thanks for the info. the trip you described going through lyell canyon is what I was looking at doing. the big question though (and i know i could just call the park) is can I park my truck at the Awhannie (spelling) for the time I was hiking if I am going to stay there when i am done with the trip?

6:19 p.m. on September 12, 2009 (EDT)
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Since you have reservations to stay at the Ahwahnee, I would think they would allow you a few days of parking. Call and ask. I would be surprised if you could not find some long term parking options in the Park.

11:04 p.m. on September 12, 2009 (EDT)
Tom D
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Get a copy of The Rough Guide to Yosemite. It is a great little book with lots of good info in it. By little, I mean it is physically small, so easy to put in your pack.

8:15 p.m. on September 16, 2009 (EDT)
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There is backpacker parking available in both the valley and tuolumne. Check with the backcountry permit office for specific locations.

There are three options for getting from the valley to tuolumne or vice-versa:

1-hitch hike (easier than you might think)


3-Tuolumne Meadows Hiker Bus - details here (about 2/3 down the page): http://www.us-parks.com/yosemite-national-park/shuttle-buses.html

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