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I have never hiked in Nevada, has anyone else? I have thought about it many times but have never been or tried. I hitchhiked across it once in 1980 from Yosemite to Jackson Hole, one of the hardest states to hitch across. But hiking I have heard some about it but not much. Any recommendations? Figure I can go there from Utah later this winter when its cooler. Seems a lot of westerns were shot there, watching one now called Nevada Smith with Steve McQueen (an old western favorite because of the scenery) Like the views of the snowy mountains, maybe the Sierra maybe some of the inner mountains.

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Gary, there are several good books on hiking in Nevada. There are a lot of good hikes, both short and long, all over the place. Boundary Peak is popular because of it is the High Point. It's in the White Mountains right on the border of California and Nevada. (In Nevada, "popular" means you might see another party during a given day on the trails).

The Ruby Mountains, part of the Humboldt Range, have lots of good hikes, though I hesitate to mention them, lest they get discovered. Even Secret Valley is becoming known (get there over Secret Pass by going up along Secret Creek). Then again, with the heliskiing operation out of Lamoille, it has gotten hard to claim the Rubies are "undiscovered" (some of the finest powder in the world, even for those of us who "earn our turns" and wouldn't consider paying hundreds of dollars for a helicopter ride to do the skiing, no matter how deep and fluffy the powder is).

Great Basin has some excellent hikes. There is a glacier on the NE side of Wheeler Peak (some say Wheeler should be the High Point of Nevada). The trails in the NP are pretty good and the scenery spectacular.

Lots of hikes out of both the Reno and Las Vegas areas.

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I've never hiked Nevada, but I've ridden an ATV all over it!

Also, like you, I hitchhiked across Nevada (in 1982) from Yosemite to Jackson Hole, where I lived at the time. I spent three days on the side of the road outside Sparks. I almost gave up and got a bus home!

One of my favorite areas is the mountains around Mina, in Mineral County. Not sure what the hiking is like there, but the abandoned mining operations are abundant and well preserved. If you are into that kind of stuff, the area should be missed.

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