Running behind schedule....sound familiar?

10:00 p.m. on September 10, 2010 (EDT)
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I had several trips planned for this summer, I've only done three of them. The rest of them have been moved into the Fall season.

This is partly due to the economy, (I'm working more & earning less) and partly due to a knee problem which I hope is temporary.

I really wanted to do a section hike of the Palmetto Trail in my state of SC this summer, but it looks like I will be doing that this fall.

Up until last year I was doing several longer trips per year, but I seem to have a hard time fitting those into my budget and schedule lately.

It's very frustrating, and I have started saving money for a trip to the mountains this fall, I hope nothing goes wrong! I miss the mountains a lot.

Does anyone else have this problem of late?

Is it mostly the economy?

I am grateful for what I have, but I am an adventurer at heart and I need to go God. (that's a saying here....'by God' adds emphasis.)

10:46 p.m. on September 10, 2010 (EDT)
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Life is what happens, while are making other plans...

I too wanted to do so much this past year, and yes, the economy being what it has been, I have not been able to do much. I have been out of fulltime work now since Febuary 2009.

I am used to working a few months and taking off 3 times as many, as we say, Adventuring. I have zillions of ideas of hikes and a long walk that I have wanted to do for 30 years. But I keep out there looking for work and it always seems like someone else beats me to the door of a job.

I do not like being in town for a year and 7 months and still out of a job that will give me the money to do what I want, and that is to be "Free".

The long walk that I mentioned before, is to walk either from Jackson Hole to Arizona or vise versa. Its about 600 miles, as the crow flies. But I figure about maybe 1000 traveling on roads and trails. And being that Utah is in between with vast canyons of the Colorado and the Green Rivers and the Grand Canyon too, I will have to go either around to the dry high deserts of the eastern parts of Utah or the lush green of the western sections.

And there is a thing called the Mountainman Rendezvous that takes place in Jackson in the latter part of May. Many so called modern mountainmen ride a horse, take a covered wagon or"walk" to get to the Rendezvous. I would like to be able, next spring to leave here with enough time to walk all the way there, just to say I did it! (I figure at least 2-3 months taking my time.) But also to get back into shape after this last surgury. And once I have done it I would like to be able to continue my adventurous life and go till I fall down and die.

I have talked of settling down, but I know thats just something I am thinking of because I can't afford right now to go anywhere. I would rather live in my tent and put it back in my pack every morning than to set up a Tipi and stay too long anywhere on this Earth.

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