First Solo Shakedown Hike

7:17 p.m. on October 7, 2010 (EDT)
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Only two weeks until my first solo hike, and now I have run into a big problem. My right knee is swolen, I must have over done the training. Hope the IB's help out.

7:35 p.m. on October 7, 2010 (EDT)
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First solo hike? How long have you been hiking with others? Until I turned 50, I hardly ever could get anyone to go hiking with me. I went solo 99 % of the time from 1977 to 2006. Where are you planning to hike?

8:02 p.m. on October 7, 2010 (EDT)
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Gary, I have not done any hiking since I got my Hiking Mert Badge in the Boy Scouts, back in the early 60's. I want to hike the Foot Hills Trail, just a few miles out, spend the night and then back. Looking at the 15th of this month.

8:17 p.m. on October 7, 2010 (EDT)
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The Foothills trail is an excellent trail! Good choice.

Do you have a copy of - Guide to the Foothills Trail - by the Foothills Trail Conference yet? Very good guide, one of the best I have.

Sorry to hear about your knee, funny, I'm nursing a sore knee as well. The doc has me on anti-inflammatory meds, it seems to be getting better. (Just to make sure I'm going camping this weekend)

All the best to you and your trip!

8:59 a.m. on October 8, 2010 (EDT)
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Yes. I did a quick visit to the area three weeks ago and bought the book. Also the map, but it does not show much detail. I am using IB's for my knee, I would have to make a 150 mile round trip to go see someone at the VA hospital.

11:01 a.m. on October 11, 2010 (EDT)
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Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope it gets better quickly and you are able to get out there for your trip. I think it is great that you are taking up hiking and backpacking again. I only got out a couple times for the four years I was in school, and it was wonderful to start back into it more seriously after I finished my studies.

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