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6:46 p.m. on February 6, 2011 (EST)
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Really have gotten into hiking/bagpacking over the past year.  Im trying to plan a big(for us atleast) trip for me and 2 friends.

umm I guess i'll give a general outline of what im lookin for and maybe yall can help.

* I was looking at linville gorge, but think if we can work out travel from finish back to start it would be better to do the AT

* We want it to be backcountry, hike to where we decide to camp and repeat. Not camping in the same place or back tracking.

* Must be in NC

* Looking at 2 nights 3 days on the trail

* We are very capable and can adapt to a faster pace to complete it if need be but anywhere from 20- 30 mile section would be great so we dont have to push hard and can spend time explorering around camp

* Its going to be in mid march due to one returning from deployment the 5th and me deploying at the end of the month.

So does anyone know of any good starting & stoping places on the AT that would fit our plans? Or any other trails that would fit our plans better.



11:38 p.m. on February 6, 2011 (EST)
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I got this from My AT guide and Data book for you two options that fit mileage...From fantana Dam Vistor Center to Natantahala Outdoor center Total Milage is 29.2 Elavation starts at 1677- 1723   highest elevation would be 5062 Cheoah Bald.. You would also have 3 shelters to use as well...

Cable Gap shelter that would be 7 miles from fantana

Brown Fork gap that is 13 miles. One mile down the trail is the cliffs To view....Then you have Sasafras Gap shelter that is 22 miles.from fantana its also only about 6 miles down hill to the (NOC) they also the NOC has parking a resturant and showers...You most likely going to need a shuttle service to take your vehicle from Fanatana to The NOC..I have those numbers that are public if you need them.. Thats the first option...

Second option

From Franklin NC to the NOC

Thats off US 64 Mileage is 28. miles. Leave Franklin towards the NOC,  Elavation is 3709-1723 highest elavation is Siler Bald Summit 5354 There's 5 shelters on that section of the trail...First is Siler Bald Shelter its 4. miles  Thats a photo view spot...

Wayah bald shelter which is 11 miles. Then you have Cold Springs shelter that is 16 miles from Franklin. Its the Cooper Ridge Bald and Rocky Bald views also within one mile... follow the trail and you come to the Wesser Bald and observation tower.... The Wesser Bald Shelter which is 21. miles from Franklin...2 miles from there you have The jumpoff views...Next shelter is A.Rufus morgan Shelter which is 26 miles from Franklin and 1 mile from the NOC...From The Jumpoffs its all down hill to the NOC 5 miles...In Franklin there's a Hiker friendly hotel owner who you can have shuttle you...These are the two I came up with to help you...But others who live in the area may have a better idea or area for you...But I wanted to give you some options to think about...

5:26 a.m. on February 7, 2011 (EST)
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Thanks alot.

Ive looked at buying that  book.

1:22 p.m. on February 7, 2011 (EST)
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I have the AT Companion and the AT Guide and the Data book...I like the AT Guide because it has better town maps and a Elevation profile of the whole trail...It also has the Phone numbers of Hotels.Hiker hostels and Shuttles..I think if you keep your packs real light in the 10-15 pd range it wont be difficult at all...It's 2 days so you dont really need alot besides food and water...Bring a Waterfilter or aquiamira drops...I would purchase an AT Topo map of that section or sections...You can order that in line from The Appalachian trail Conservasy....I dont know if you can get them locally where you are....

11:26 a.m. on February 14, 2011 (EST)
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I don't know much about that area as I'm from New England, but from what i've read the black mountains are beautiful. Maybe grab a guidebook for that area and try one of the recommended hikes?

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