Yosemite road clearing project - almost getting started

10:49 a.m. on May 14, 2011 (EDT)
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Not quite summer up there yet.  The date that Tioga Pass is made passable to 'city' cars is almost as well followed as the Dawson River break up.  It portends what the back country will look like during July-Aug peak hiking months.  Probably going to have to color it white for a bit longer this year.

Snow levels at most east side trail heads are still very high and roads to them are still a ways away from being plowed out.  Even Whitney Meadows (southern Sierra) and low altitude (9,100') still had 53" a few weeks ago.  One of the lowest significant southern Sierra Pass, Siberian, had 68" end of April.  As the snow melts it forms a denser pack (higher water content) that takes on the attributes of ice.  It takes longer to disappear.  It is still in the 20's F at night in much of the outback of the Sierra.

This is the year to see the Yosemite waterfalls during the melt off.  It has vertical floods while the rest of the south is experiencing the Mississippi being miles and miles wide in places...and deep.

You can use this map to browse through where you would like to go to see what problems you might run into.  You can expect dangerously high water crossings on some trails until the snow is gone.  Much of the data are not read frequently and many are still a month old.  This map is just outside of Olancha, eastern Sierra, US-395


10:09 p.m. on May 14, 2011 (EDT)
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Mammoth Lakes basin road will open (hopefully) the 25th of May.

For the JMT and trans Yosemite folk, it is predicted that the Reds Meadow road will open June 24 and shuttle service will start June 25.

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