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The Hamlet Wall - Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

This was just an outing to Red Rock with some friends to climb on Saturday the 24th. I rarely actually climb because I am a novice, but took on the 5.5 that provides one section of good work and the rest is really steep scramble with a rope. Great wall to get to quickley and to bring climbers of all levels, as there is something for everyone.  Here is Mountain project's take on the routes :



Red Rocks seems like a very special place.

There's a lof of cool climbing down LV way! I'd love to try it some time.

Actually, I hear that the climbing scene there is pretty nice b/c no one thinks of LV area as a climbing destination. They'd rather use the more urban attractions in the area. 

Up here unfortunately, everyone in the Seattle area thinks that being "outdoorsy" is cool and they clog up our best crags and leave trash all over the place. 

I was raised in South Seattle from 67-79. Left to Ellensburg and was there 18 years ...been here 14. LOVE it here. Climbing peeps are great people and I love going to Red Rock Rendezvous, put on by Mountain Gear.



<<<< I'm SOO Jealous!

Sage.....I will miss it this year because I leave to Nepal just when it is starting.......but it is EVERY YEAR.....always room for more peeps!

August 7, 2020
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