A trip full of Canadian stereotypes...

7:29 p.m. on October 25, 2011 (EDT)
Jake W
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Finally talked my Dad into trading in his road bike for his boots (at least for one weekend!) to head to Algonquin Park, Ontario. We were able to get away around 4 on Friday and right into the middle of traffic! God I hate the city.....

Clearly a little happier to be out of the smog and haze! Side note: Wearing the EMS Bergalene there (previous thread), didn't take it off all weekend, kept me warm and out of the wind at around 6 degrees celcius.


My faithful companion and righthand man, Rocky.


Me, Rocky and my all-too-athletic Mastiff Moose.
Lost light up there for night number one.

Day 2, little bit lower elevation.


Canadian sighting number #1.


#3 This guy looked to be about 5 feet at the shoulders. (That is of course a guesstimation from a distance!)


And to complete the Canadianna- Our accomodation for night number 2. (One of the sacrifices I had to make to get my Dad out! Something about he's an old man and he likes a bed to sleep in! Ha ha ha.) Little log cabin in the middle of paradise.


Tiny little door, not much more then 5 feet. They build them small for 2 reasons. One is obviously to trap some heat in winter. Smaller opening = less air flow. The other is to maintain the structural integrity of the top couple beams of wood.

Overall a great trip. Temperatures got down to -3 celcius the second night so winter is coming my friends, and I for one can't wait!

2:22 a.m. on October 26, 2011 (EDT)
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What a nice trip! Thanks for sharing!

6:32 a.m. on October 26, 2011 (EDT)
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That's nice territory. We did a week long, 2-family canoe trip in Algonquin in about 2001, in a hot-dry August when there was a fire ban. Caught some lake trout, had at least one day of tough upwind paddling, a couple of long carries that we had to double to get all the boats and gear across -- and a lot of good memories.

6:58 a.m. on October 26, 2011 (EDT)
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Good report Jake! I love seeing these areas so far from me...

Did the moose react to you? I've read that they can be temperamental.

5:42 p.m. on October 26, 2011 (EDT)
Jake W
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BigRed- Yeah that area is actually more famous for its canoeing then backpacking, and who can blame them. I'll bet your family had a great time. I was actually talking about doing a canoe trip around there, never done one before I'd have to get some advice and training. Do you remember what lakes you hit?

Patrick- These 2 didn't react although you need to be especially carefull in autumn as it is their rut season. I have had them react before, luckily they were bluffing and I got out of dodge quickly! If they want to I stand little to no chance. I've seen many animals in the Canadian wilderness (bears, coyotes, wolves) and the bull Moose intimidates me the most.

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